Waiting for my magic wand delivery!!

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IPeedInThePool Tue 01-Dec-20 10:31:05

It’s my first ever wand am so excited it’s out for delivery today! So looking forward to using it with hubby tonight.

I’ve never had one are they as good as people say?

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maggie1862 Tue 01-Dec-20 10:47:59

Hope you really enjoy it , not for me I perfer a Satisfyer clit sucker , please report back may try again with a wand .

IPeedInThePool Tue 01-Dec-20 11:11:34

Oooo it’s 4 stops away I might have a little warm up with it ready for tonight

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MisterT373 Tue 01-Dec-20 22:06:33

Guess it must have arrived soon after that post.

Spritesobright Tue 01-Dec-20 22:56:36

@MisterT 😂 How did it go OP?
I do like mine but I also find it a bit intense sometimes and I think it takes me too far past the climax point, if that makes sense.
But when it works well and I don't go overboard then wow.

IPeedInThePool Wed 02-Dec-20 07:54:49

It was very powerful!!! By the time hubby and I came to use it .... I had already “over used” in the day alone 🤪 still good fun though certainly helped spice things up again and brought back some of my dead sex drive.

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maggie1862 Wed 02-Dec-20 11:58:24

I found my wand too abrasive and not for me .


IPeedInThePool Wed 02-Dec-20 12:22:23

I found that a little it’s very very intense! If am honest I prefer my DH down there 😉

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Spritesobright Wed 02-Dec-20 16:35:30

It's not just me then 🤣

maggie1862 Wed 02-Dec-20 18:25:24

Satisfyer so different and so good for me .

Mxflamingnoravera Wed 02-Dec-20 19:40:07

I like them both, in different situations. The womaniser/satisfyer for lone play and the wand is fab for edging play with my partner.

PinotPony Thu 03-Dec-20 07:38:52

Which wand did you get @IPeedInThePool ? I got a Doxy wand recently and it's soooo intense I have to keep it on the lowest setting for fear that I'll break my clit!

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