Fabswingers - advice please

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heartlikepaper Thu 29-Oct-20 18:20:15

hey all
just looking for advice from people who have used the site to meet people rather than the parties as there is none at the moment.
Im a single woman, new to the NSA scene - what should I look out for, any advice to get the best out of it in a safe way.

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SortingItOut Thu 29-Oct-20 21:38:31

Remember that there is real life single and Fab single...most men claim to be single but arent.

You dont need to reply to every message, you can just delete.

Always meet for a social first, just because you have a rapport in messages doesnt mean it will equate to real life.

Never go to someones house or let them come to yours without meeting them first and always let someone know where you are at all times.

Never be forced into something you dont want to do.

I loved Fabswingers, it's so refreshing to admit to loving sex and only wanting casual sex partners.

AverageGuy Fri 30-Oct-20 08:35:35

Not many people are meeting because of covid - that's the first decision you'll have to make!

@SortingItOut has some good suggestions, particularly "Never be forced into something you don't want to do.". I'd add: -

Set your filters, (although you will still be inundated with unwanted emails sad) be clear on your profile what you are looking for, and what you don't want. You can hide your profile from everyone, and have a look around - that might be a good way to start.

Take part in the forums, as you can build up a network of contacts that way.

Have a look at Killing Kittens as well, as it's a female led site. There are also other swinging type sites around.

However, if you are looking for a NSA / casual relationship, the normal dating sites can be fertile ground. Just spell it out on your profile..

Whatever you do, I'm sure that you will be spoilt for choice!

Have fun!

heartlikepaper Fri 30-Oct-20 10:12:29

thanks guys, i wont be meeting anyone iin person for a while defo so i guess its safe enough that way. maybe some phone stuff to ease me in for starters 😁
and yes i should be very clear about what Im looking for and what Im not thanks for that @AverageGuy

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AverageGuy Fri 30-Oct-20 10:56:29

@heartlikepaper - No worries. Always glad to help!

Feel free to PM me your Fab name - I'd be very happy to give feedback on your profile! grin (just kidding - honest!)

SortingItOut Fri 30-Oct-20 15:00:47

Or if you want a female perspective (from someone who meets men) PM me your fab name

GentlemanJay Sun 01-Nov-20 19:07:34

Not sure how it works in American. I'm on Fab Swingers. I've met some really lovely people. I'm looking for friendship as much as sex so I'm a little different to most of the guys on there. Also I'm genuinely single too.

Set your filters and take no s... it can be as scary as hell on there but there are some lovely people. Finding them is the hard bit lol.


heartlikepaper Sun 01-Nov-20 20:32:03

It is scary as hell blush
I want to make it work for me though, meet nice people have a laugh not just a wham bam scenario. I will persevere. Good to get the votes of confidence in it from you guys, as well as the sensible advice smile

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Arnoldthecat Tue 03-Nov-20 11:33:17

i think you would fair better on a better quality dating site even though you may not be seeking a LTR. FAB is crammed full of fake profiles, closet bisexuals and an assortment of other dubious types.

heartlikepaper Tue 03-Nov-20 12:06:55

yeah i was wondering about that @Arnoldthecat, bumble maybe. but id have to sell myself a different way and jump through all the hoops. i was thinking id reel them in with sexy body shots and then vet them🤣🤣. maybe not the best tactic🤔🤔

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itsureis Wed 04-Nov-20 00:06:04

Hello !! Female Fab user here.

It took me a long time to get my head round the site, and to find what I was looking for but the don't take it too seriously and don't let it take over your life.

You will get bombarded with messages so I would keep things classy and your text short and sweet to start with whilst you're getting a feel for things. Have a look at other women's profiles to get ideas of what you like and what you don't.

I've met some truly lovely people (one of them has commented on this thread actually 😊) but there are a lot of time wasters and cheap thrill seekers, as there are with all the sites.

heartlikepaper Wed 04-Nov-20 13:40:38

@itsureis thanks for your reply and tips, im weeding out a lot of messengers at the moment, and hopefully going to meet some of the nicer lads out somewhere for a walk or something before anything else. it is mad alright though... love your little blush emoji there, what WERE you remembering😉 X

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BatshitCrazyWoman Thu 05-Nov-20 18:12:12

I agree with PPs. I've used Fab quite a bit. Be careful though - I last used it on March last year ... met a lovely guy for a social. 19 months later we're properly a couple - fell in love gradually over our meets. You never know what will happen!

itsureis Thu 05-Nov-20 21:21:08

@BatshitCrazyWoman 🥰

profilechange Sat 07-Nov-20 08:16:53

I'm on fab but as a couple. We have met a few other couples through there, always had a social first and they have all been lovely 😊

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