Do you fantasize during sex? Do you think it's a problem?

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Spritesobright Fri 24-Jul-20 12:43:53

I mentioned to my DP the other day that sometimes I fantasize during sex and asked if I could include him as a sort of roleplay.
He wasn't keen and I think he's worried that my fantasies mean I'm not fully present for the sex.
But I'm not imagining other people, just scenarios that turn me on.
I think partly it's because I'm enjoying myself a LOT and I feel free to let myself go a bit.
Plus DP isn't terribly vocal during sex so sometimes I just imagine what I'd like him to say to me.
I think this is pretty normal to entertain fantasies during sex, isn't it?
I'm definitely still really into him and it's not all the time.

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namechangednorth Sat 25-Jul-20 07:31:56

Yes I do on occasions. It's fine. If I'm really turned on I've blurted it out without realising and he has joined in whispering additions to it whilst fingering me. Problem is that it can speed things up far to quickly but DH loves it as he sees that I've really let go

Anotherblokelurking Sat 25-Jul-20 07:32:12

I don’t fantasise during sex, I prefer to be in the moment. Like most men I’m very visual, I love women’s bodies and breasts, and love looking at DW’s body and face as we play, close ups when I go down to give oral, and in some positions I can watch my penis going in and out. If DW gives me a BJ I like to watch her mouth doing it’s work and watch as I shoot my load over her.

I do have wanking fantasies, including when DW is wanking me, but I keep them to myself.

Spritesobright Sat 25-Jul-20 13:51:02

That's interesting, maybe it's a gender thing. I like the visual as well but I do get lost in the moment sometimes.
Think I will suggest he talks more to me to pull me in.

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BubblyBarbara Sat 25-Jul-20 18:17:37

If DW gives me a BJ I like to watch her mouth doing it’s work and watch as I shoot my load over her.

You should take your graphic explanations and write some erotica young man

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