Help! Long distance sex by Skype

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tickettocrazytown Fri 10-Apr-20 15:49:22

Posted in relationships, didn't realise there was a sex topic on its own!

A little embarrassed, but need some tips.... Due to lockdown I haven't been able to see my partner, we talk or facetime every day.
We decided to have a virtual date night via skype and I want to spice things up a bit, but I'm very very body conscious as I'm overweight..... IRL when we are together, I can kind of hide under covers etc. But want this to be a bit saucy and fun. Any ideas? I have none confused

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tickettocrazytown Fri 10-Apr-20 18:46:22

Anyone? blush

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Lilolily Fri 10-Apr-20 19:21:34

Hi! I’m in the same boat at the minute. We both have kids so it’s difficult to find time for date nights but we did both cook a meal and then Skype and sit down together To eat with a glass which was nice.

We also downloaded an app called spicer which has general/sexy/cute questions to answer and discuss, dares to send to eachother. X

tickettocrazytown Fri 10-Apr-20 19:27:25

That's great, I'll have a look, thankyou

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StarlightLady Sat 11-Apr-20 04:11:12

What better time than now to learn to love your own body. Difficult? Maybe.

But we really don’t look that different with or without clothes on when it comes to size.

Work on body confidence and a new more confident you can come out of this.

Louise000000 Mon 20-Apr-20 16:16:09

Me and my bf do this regularly and I find if I position the camera on bedside table at shoulder level pointing down towards my body, it's a flattering angle and I can do a wee show for him, you can wear nice underwear too that you feel sexy in.

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