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Muuuuuummm Tue 03-Mar-20 07:58:07

I quite like the idea of being dominated and have dabbled in online chats but never in real life. My FWB has mentioned spanking me in saucy messages and I have indicated that I might like it. The trouble is we are a very silly pair who laugh a lot. I think if he did try to spank me I would laugh my arse off. Can dom/sub stuff work with laughing?
Just wondering 😀

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AverageGuy Tue 03-Mar-20 11:56:53

It's great that you are having a laugh with sex! smile

Spanking doesn't have to have anything to do with a Dom / Sub relationship. It can (so I'm told blush) simply add to the sensation whilst DTD.

Why not add it into your "play" with your FWB as part of DTD, rather than treat it as a Dom / Sub thing?

If you are interested in exploring the Dom / Sub scene, then I think (and I have no experience to back this up!), the "silliness" would have to stop, as you probably couldn't take things "seriously"

sosickofthisshit Tue 03-Mar-20 12:15:37

My bf likes to spank me sometimes during sex. I love it grin

Muuummy Tue 03-Mar-20 12:24:32

Thanks Average Guy, maybe I'll keep my sub dom stuff seperate with my online friend. I do get a real kick out of that. Perhaps I can keep it silly and spanky with my RL friend.

Normalmumandwife Tue 03-Mar-20 12:32:09

I think it depends on your relationship in bed and how it is but equally how you are about trying new things. We tried it more by accident in that I read 50 Shades on holiday. DH when we were DTD playfully smacked my bum and I just jokingly said "oh have I been naughty" and he actually carried on and did a lot more. That night encompassed some things we would never have tried if we had planned but it was around me having being naughty and him smacking me and telling me I was naughty! Sounds crass when I write it in here but it was actually really hot and exciting.

Oh ..we are just a normal married couple and not some sex goddess but it brought out a different side in me so I would say yes give it a go and see

Muuuuuummm Tue 03-Mar-20 12:57:35

Well I really like the idea all that stuff. Being told off and the like. I'm just not sure I could keep a straight face unless he really does it well. We shall see 😀

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lavitaedura Tue 03-Mar-20 16:58:54

It's all about the foreplay and if that is right then by the time you reach the 'spanking' part you won't have the giggles...quite the opposite.

We tried some time ago and it was light spanking and not too much. I did not know my DW wanted more until she just kept asking whilst we DTD. I struggled afterwards with the result and for a few days it was on my mind. Next time around she wanted more and nowadays I am pretty relaxed about it even though I have no idea how she manages something that must be painful. It seems it is never ever to vigorous for her and yes she loves a scenario where she has been naughty.

I find it arousing and she is off the scale.


topcat2014 Tue 03-Mar-20 22:03:18

I enjoy being spanked but we don't add any role play,

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