Stitches after birth

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ploddingalong101 Fri 08-Nov-19 23:14:45

This may seem like the daftest question ever. But I had sex after having my second child before 6 weeks. Less than a week after. I'd had stitches. Is it possible I moved the stitches and they healed in a different place rather than where they should have?


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thepatioislumpy Sat 09-Nov-19 00:51:56

Midwife here.

Why do you think they have moved? Are you experiencing any symptoms which are causing you worry?

ploddingalong101 Sat 09-Nov-19 01:05:25

No I had none. My daughter is 17 months now I probably should have said that. The scar of the stitch is in a different area and sits different to the other side of my vagina. I know this because I took photos of the stitch to ensure it healed properly. It's only know I've really looked. It just looks and seems different

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thepatioislumpy Sat 09-Nov-19 11:49:24

Different from how it was prior to her birth or different from how it was prior to having sex?

Vaginas rarely ever look like they did prior to giving birth vaginally, stitches or no. That's not to say they look worse or anything but, just like a postpartum body, they rarely look the same.

If it looked different after having sex, there could be a few reasons for this too. If you had sex within a week, it's entirely possible that things were still oedematous and still needed to settle prior to healing. How things look a few days after birth rarely indicate how they will look a few months after the event.

Is everything ok? Is it just how things look? No pain or tightness?

thepatioislumpy Sat 09-Nov-19 11:51:00

Also, did you tear or was it an episiotomy? Most perineal trauma is not central and episiotomies are almost never done on the central like, but off to an angle, usually on the maternal right.

ploddingalong101 Sun 10-Nov-19 22:38:20

Yeah it looks different prior to birth. It's the entrance that looks different

No pain or tightness

It was from epidural

So I could have moved things by not allowing the stitches time to heal?

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ploddingalong101 Sun 10-Nov-19 22:42:11

What changes would that make to my vagina if it had not settled yet?

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thepatioislumpy Tue 12-Nov-19 18:22:24

No I meant that things change. They hardly ever go back to exactly the way they were because you've pushed a baby out of it grin I don't think that you've done any damage.

thepatioislumpy Tue 12-Nov-19 18:23:32

Also I meant that things can look different immediately after birth from several months later. There will be some swelling etc that changes over time.

ploddingalong101 Thu 14-Nov-19 11:51:43

So it couldn't be possibly that I moved the stitches and they healed in a different place?

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lilgreen Sun 17-Nov-19 10:41:38

Am I the only one impressed you even wanted Dec a week after giving birth? shock

lilgreen Sun 17-Nov-19 10:41:55

Sex not Decconfused

lilgreen Sun 17-Nov-19 10:44:13

If it all feels and works ok I wouldn’t worry. I had an episiotomy 19 years ago and can still see the scar but no pain or anything. I don’t really look tbh.

thepatioislumpy Mon 18-Nov-19 18:05:07

Midwives are rarely impressed grin

It's highly unlikely you'll have moved them. They aren't topical - they go through layers of tissue and sometimes muscle. They won't have travelled anywhere they shouldn't.

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