Best bikini line hair remover?

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Pharlapwasthebest Sun 27-Oct-19 20:02:56

Wasn’t sure where it put this, but I need a hair removal cream for the ‘undercarriage’.
Any recommendations please?

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Figroll16 Mon 28-Oct-19 17:44:48

I use Veet-does say not for use on genital areas but I've never had a problem (though I do have to apply whilst sitting in a crab like position)

StarlightLady Tue 29-Oct-19 07:39:04

OP, when you say bikini line, do you really mean just bikini line or more?

Professional waxing is initially the smoothest outcome, but you have to put up with the regrowth between appointments.

Veet has already been mentioned (I recommend Veet Sensitive should you opt for a cream) but do the spot test before in the same area. Personally Veet is not comfortable for me right near the lips.

Regular shaving can be the right option, but use a goid quality 3 blade razor and hair conditioner as opposed to a shaving cream or shower gel.

Namechangedyorkshire Tue 29-Oct-19 12:58:00

@Pharlapwasthebest . I haven't tried Veet but I know a friend found it irritating to her skin. Not sure the extent she was using it for. I used to shave below which was fine but was literally every 2-3 days and I'm a very light blonde. If dark it would be more often. I then was encouraged to try waxing by my beautician and honestly I've never looked back. Yes you do have to have some regrowth each month but it does last ages and I really like and prefer now. I would encourage you just to try.

Not sure I'd want to use a chemical like that below

StillAgony Tue 29-Oct-19 13:03:02

I have used veet sensitive, but also used a little bit of Vaseline to protect very sensitive areas from getting veet on them accidently..

Pharlapwasthebest Tue 29-Oct-19 20:41:50

Thing is, I can’t afford waxing, and it grows back so quickly with shaving, plus it slightly irritates my skin.
I’ve ordered something called woowoo from amazon, it’s for ‘intimate areas’.
I’ll let you know....

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Pharlapwasthebest Tue 29-Oct-19 20:42:13

Good idea!

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Tinkletinkling Thu 31-Oct-19 22:20:33

There's something called woo woo. It's like veet but okay for intimate areas.

nutellalove Fri 01-Nov-19 22:45:15

If you like waxing but the money puts you off... I bought a professional hot wax kit on amazon for £30. (The one that dries on your skin rather than the traditional strip wax ones) Obvs not as good as getting it done in a salon due to not being able to reach certain areas. If you are just wanting to do bikini line you should be able to reach fine. But other than that it was easy to use and easy to do top up waxes when needed

Namechangedyorkshire Sat 02-Nov-19 07:31:29

@nutellalove . Never tried a home use kit...I would imagine the hard to get to bits are exactly the bits she wants removing. Can't imagine trying to do myself with wax but appreciate the Op can't afford to have done professionally. Perhaps she should try it professionally once as a special treat and be able to compare with other methods.

Sounds to me that she may be better sticking to the good old razor. When I shaved I did find using the blades my husband used much better....5 blades in total which gave a good result. It was just the fag of doing frequently and was only say every three days is so for me at most as I'm light hair blonde.

Bedsheets4knickers Sat 02-Nov-19 22:05:31

I've used this for 3 months . I only now have to shave every 4 weeks it'll soon be longer than that . Expensive but so worth it

Namechangedyorkshire Sun 03-Nov-19 05:54:22

@Bedsheets4knickers . Is it ok to use below in sensitive bits then? It doesn't make you sore?

Must admit if it stopped growing permanently it would be ideal lol

Bedsheets4knickers Sun 03-Nov-19 09:37:25

It's fine on mine , it's like a quick hot blast of light . I love it . I'm using it on my top lip , my under arms . Haven't started on my legs yet but I will when I've got more time . I know it's expensive I only bought it because I had a lorry load of vouchers but it's just incredible

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