Only in the mood when ovulating, contraception?

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user1573334 Fri 25-Oct-19 11:46:41

Since I hit mid thirties I've been insatiably horny during ovulation, but not at all interested any other time of the month. With a DH who works away quite a lot, me working lots of nights and having too many children, this means our sex life is practically non existent. This doesn't bother me TOO much tbh. My DH has never had a particularly high sex drive which was frustrating years ago but I suppose suits me fine now. I did turn him down for sex for the first time ever recently, I felt repulsed at the idea, and this was the day before my period. I very much feel like I'm ruled by my hormones/cycle.

Another thing is my periods seem to be getting more painful, and I have experienced PMT for the first time in my life, a couple of months I have been unable to stop crying the day before my period. I did have things going on which would probably have upset me anyway, but I felt out of control. I am really not a crier usually. This doesn't happen every month, maybe every other month?

This is the first time of my life since age 16 that I haven't been on long term contraception that stops periods, or been pregnant or breastfeeding, and I swore I didn't want hormonal contraception again but maybe it is for the best? I am just really worried that if I only want sex during ovulation, taking it will kill my sex drive dead completely? Anyone have any experience of this?

It will be the implanon I get if I go for long term contraception.

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user1573334 Fri 25-Oct-19 11:49:00

In hindsight maybe this should have gone in Womens Health, but my main perogative was my sex life when I started the post.

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FuriousVexation Fri 25-Oct-19 11:55:49

I'd go for implant or Depo Provera and just see how you get on.

I've personally found Depo makes me more inclined towards sex, but some friends have found the opposite. It's very individual.

Please don't beat yourself up for whichever way it takes you.

DarwinLoves Fri 25-Oct-19 23:10:03

I'm exactly the same, it's so interesting how my cycle completely dictates my sex drive. I have a copper coil and it's non hormonal which I like because I worried having hormonal contraception would take away sex drive altogether

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