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thinkivelostmymind Wed 17-Apr-19 04:03:25

So been having sex with my ex and it's now so much better than before! But.....

since I started having sex it always left me with the feeling I was doing something dirty. But I don't know why this has now changed and everything is so much better I can let go and actually enjoy myself my ex also agrees that the sex is so much better and we have tried new things including anal. We have even broke my new bed! But there is one thing that's still the same and that's it's all very one sided in that he touches me. And I don't to him the thought still makes me panic even though I want to. My problem is I haven't ever really done anything to him or anyone else unless I'm drunk and I mean drunk! because then I don't feel self conscious about what if I'm doing it wrong/badly what if it has the opposite effect and it makes him lose his erection and turns him off rather than on?? So my question is what I do to him the next time we have sex literally step by step what do I do?

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thinkivelostmymind Wed 17-Apr-19 04:10:52

I am trying to do things for him by surprising him with wearing sexy lingerie stocking suspenders when I open the door. Or wearing crotchless tights and then letting him know when we are out etc which I would of never been able to do before would of made me feel ashamed and dirty so I am trying! I still wouldn't say I'm feel confident doing these things but I'm confident enough that I can do it.

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