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Summer0817 Tue 26-Mar-19 16:45:06

Myself and my partner (both female) has an incredible sex life at the start of our relationship. Couldn’t keep our hands off each other - like nothing we’ve both ever experienced before.

Now almost two years in,and living together, things have calmed down as you’d expect.

My daughter is with her dad for the night tonight and we haven’t dtd in over two weeks as I have been Ill.

Usually, if we haven’t had sex for a eeek or two, we schedule in an early night together as my partner has medical issues which causes extreme tiredness. I haven’t mentioned “making time for each other” tonight, I just want to initiate it as the planning kills it for me a little. So how do I just initiate it? She is fully open about the fact that she will never initiate it due to being too shy etc, and has been like that from the start, but if we plan to watch a movie with our free night, how do I initiate things at the right time? Sounds like a silly question but I’m not used to this as we always “make time” and I am trying to step away from the planning.

The problem is, if I wait until we are in bed for the night, this will be too late due to her condition. So how I am be spontaneous when I’m under time? Lol


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Summer0817 Tue 26-Mar-19 16:46:57

Do I just start kissing her etc? I’m fine making the first move when I know sex is on the table but I feel more nervous when there’s a chance of rejection if that makes sense

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itsbetterthanabox Tue 26-Mar-19 20:58:04

Yeah stroke her leg or Lower back and say something flirty.
Start kissing and see how if she responds.
You've been together 2 years surely you know what she likes?

StarlightLady Wed 27-Mar-19 06:04:12

I missed the night but hope it went well. Another time, try popping into another room and returning without your clothes on.

Encourage her to talk to you more about initiating herself. Communication is key.

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