First time anal sex

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Nolagerformethanks Sat 02-Mar-19 17:52:29

My partner has asked for us to try anal sex, I am up for trying it and it is completely consensual. He has used his fingers in this area before and I found it a bit uncomfortable, can anyone give me any tips/tricks to make it an enjoyable experience? Thanks.

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TomorrowsPrincess Sat 02-Mar-19 18:31:26

A couple of drinks and lube!!!

Make sure you've been to the toilet too wink

Illusive01 Sat 02-Mar-19 23:27:39

Lots of lube, and relax....

StarlightLady Sun 03-Mar-19 02:13:27

Double the lube you probably think you need. It’s worth investing in a small but plug or use a small vibey to enter you first. If any of this hurts, you are going too far, too quick and have insufficient lube.

You are best on all fours, he must be rock hard and then very slowly you should reverse on, so you are the one in control. Expect to stop a few times as you gently accommodate him. It is vital he does not thrust. With experience the missionary position can work too.

Sexual hygeine: Condom. Do not go from anal to vaginal sex.

It is unlikely to become a regular thing on your menu (it was just 3 times last year for me!) but can be a pleasant different celebration if done right.

You are likely to get replies from people who say you should’t participate. Instead, I hope they respect the question asked.

thecatsarecrazy Sun 03-Mar-19 08:35:22

Lube and take it slow. I quite enjoyed it the 1st time. 2nd time just felt weird like i needed a poo.

Mrsmummy90 Sun 03-Mar-19 09:07:10

Make sure you've pooped that day, use a condom, LOADS of lube!

Do other stuff first to relax and get aroused. If you're not aroused, it'll be more uncomfortable and possibly enjoyable.

Also, Ann Summers do an anal relaxant spray. I've never used it but might be worth a try.

Have fun smile

Mrsmummy90 Sun 03-Mar-19 09:07:39

*less enjoyable


StarlightLady Sun 03-Mar-19 09:35:11

To add. The first time l tried it I was in my teens (l’m in my 40s now), on e l got started l wanted to try everything, it hurt. I tried again soon afterwards, it still hurt, so that was that; no more.

Then, in my 30s, l met someone who knew what he was doing and it was lovely.

I would avoid any sprays etc that numb. If something is painful the body is trying to say no, so you really should not deaden it, you need to know.

Just take it oh so slowly.

Nolagerformethanks Sun 03-Mar-19 11:53:00

Thanks everyone, will stock up on lube then haha! 😊

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NotTheFordType Wed 06-Mar-19 00:53:28

There are lubes made specifically for anal sex which are better than "normal" lubes. Unlike the vagina, the anus does not make its own lubrication!

I used to enjoy anal a lot but since developing IBS I just can't do it any more.

Tips for first timers.
Buy a vibrating butt plug (I recommend LoveHoney for all sex toy purchases) and use it a few times while masturbating with your favourite vibrator (you may be surprised how much more intense it feels!) Anal beads can be a good buy as well.
Buy an anal douche (not an enema kit) so you can be sure your back passage is not going to produce any mess
A regular non-vibrating butt plug left in for half an hour before sexy times (do this AFTER the douche) can be very useful to warm you up
Make sure he warms you up with tongue, fingers and whatever you need before he even thinks about you backing up onto his cock (and make sure you control the action, not him.)
I would recommend starting in doggy, you back up onto his cock and tell him not to move. He stays still and you control the movement. Some of my best orgasms have been in this position while using a vibrator on my clit.
If you want to then move to missionary, put a pillow under your bum so you're the right height for both of you

If he comes across as a porn-addled young'un, forget it.
If you don't trust him to stop immediately if you say stop, forget it.
If you have IBS or other GI conditions, forget it.

Understand that sometimes with anal, there will be poop to deal with. It's the price of admission. Have towels/tissues/baby wipes close to hand.

mumofthreesmallmen3 Mon 18-Mar-19 20:16:52

I've found it fine enjoyable even, we took it slow at my pace and it was really good smile not painful or uncomfortable, lube and then more lube until you get more comfortable with the sensation and then its absolutely fine and hot smile

LittleMissFunTimes Wed 20-Mar-19 12:52:02

Oooh have fun!

As others have said -

You must be relaxed and aroused yourself

You control the entry!! Very important. Start slow. Hold your position, try a bit more. Once he’s fully inside you it feels different to when he’s first entering you, so don’t assume at the beginning it’s going to get worse!

Either use a condom or make sure you both wash straight afterwards (or expect thrush / urine infection). If he goes naked I’d suggest you tell him not to cum inside your bum. That just leaves you with an ungodly mess to deal with in the bathroom later.

Make sure you’ve had a poo that day

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