Strange sensation!

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NewbieAdvice Sat 05-Jan-19 08:24:46

(Long term MNer who has name changed for this!)

I'm in my late 40's and haven't had a sexual relationship for most of my life, but met a man recently and to my complete surprise and amazement the sex is incredible grin

But I'm very new to the whole sex thing and I'm confused about a particular sensation I'm getting and wanted to know what's going on, hence starting this thread (the MN sex threads have been very helpful over the past few months for me!).

Because it's been so long for me without having sex, we're taking things fairly slowly and steadily re: positions, but twice he's entered me (just with fingers at the moment) from behind and it's felt incredible, but I've really felt like I'm going to wet myself and I've had to stop him.

Is this the normal sensation when having sex in that position?! I'd love him to carry on and for us to have sex from behind - the initial sensation was great- but am so worried I might wet myself I can't relax or carry on! As soon as he stops the sensation goes and I don't need to wee - but I don't want to chance it..!

I feel completely ridiculous not knowing stuff at this grand old age, but am enjoying the learning grin

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Christian77 Sat 05-Jan-19 09:49:49

You’re very lucky, lots of women would die for that sensation!
Go for it on an empty bladder, you might be on the road to your first squirting experience!!

NewbieAdvice Sat 05-Jan-19 11:39:35

Really..? So far I haven't cum through PIV, just clitoral stimulation. I feel myself getting close, but can't quite get there.

The feeling like I'm going to wet myself sensation feels nothing like cumming - but because I stop it quite quickly, I don't know what would happen next smile

I just wondered about the position and whether being entered from behind somehow presses on the bladder?! Or something... must look up my biology!

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Christian77 Sat 05-Jan-19 11:56:22

Just go with the flow!!!!😆

noego Sat 05-Jan-19 16:21:56

He's hitting your G spot

NewbieAdvice Sat 05-Jan-19 16:48:12

He is?! News to me grin. It's not unpleasant, just deeply weird...

Will try and give it another go and for longer...

Thanks smile

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MarieG10 Sat 05-Jan-19 17:26:15

Relax and go for it. It sounds like you will have an incredible orgasm when you do. Make up for all the years you have missed


HeavensNoHellYeah Wed 16-Jan-19 01:03:01

Next time empty your bladder before and when that feeling starts just breathe through it and relax. I do this and it makes me squirt but not huge gushes so may be less daunting for you. My boyfriend loves it. Once you relax it feels less like the need to pee.

If you have a fuller bladder I do think the volume is increased by the addition of pee as a natural side effect of different pressure and fully relaxing the muscles down there. This doesn't bother me but it does feel different to the first way. I always tell him then but he doesn't care and niether do i it feels amazing. It doesn't smell as strong as normal wee be there's been a couple of times we are sure there was a fair bit of wee with it.

StarlightLady Wed 16-Jan-19 05:52:53

Are you yet in a position where you can discuss this with him rather than on here? Then at the very worst it would be a case of changing the sheets afterwards. It would be a shame not to explore further.

NewbieAdvice Wed 16-Jan-19 07:06:29

I know that talking to him would be the sensible and best thing to do!

He's incredibly open about sex and easy to talk to, but although we've done and talked about more things than I ever have with anyone else, I can't bring myself to tell him I feel like I'm going to wet myself! blush

We tried it again last week - with fingers it felt weird/good but when we tried sex in that position he couldn't enter me- don't know if I was subconsciously clenching??!

Seems I need to relax more - but I'm still getting used to the whole sex thing, so am happy to give it time and thankfully he's fine with taking things slowly too!

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Mondrian Wed 16-Jan-19 09:59:37

Relaxing and focusing on your pleasure is key to great sex/orgasm/gushing ... it does take a bit of practice though (you might want to spread a towel under you).

problem1234567 Fri 18-Jan-19 21:51:09

I've had similar happen, felt like I really needed the bathroom so stopped and went and hardly did at all so it was a false sensation.

But the idea of getting wee everywhere, albeit if it's only partly wee, would ruin any niceness of the experience for me.

SimplySteve Sat 19-Jan-19 01:24:29

Definitely try using lube. Also, he's definitely hitting your G-spot with his fingers. Get him to stimulate your clit with his other hand, or orally if you want a mind blowing orgasm. You do need to be aware that most men, estimates from studies of both men and women show 95%+, cannot hit the G-spot with their penis due to curvature.

Deffo empty your bladder, relax and go for it. I hope you're seeing stars soon grin

SimplySteve Sat 19-Jan-19 01:31:48

Also, squirting only contains trace amounts, if any pee, due to its location. The Skene's glands (where ejaculate is produced and stored) sit between the urethra and vulva/vagina. Excreted through the urethra too (supposed by Urogynecology) hence traces of pee. In porn, squirting is mostly pee.

Actual squirt ejaculate tastes very sweet, nothing like pee, or really strong, just sweet and actually rather pleasant. Just warn your partner he may end up with it on his face if he is giving oral at the same time. I have personal experience blushblush Good luck! smile

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