Feel like I’ve been abused but think im being stupid

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Justtickingboxes Wed 05-Dec-18 18:43:35

Definitely abusive. You had a lucky escape. Hope all is well OP

dilly123 Sun 25-Nov-18 18:29:33

He sounds like an abusive twat.. you had a lucky escape..

Never put up with this type of treatment again thanks

TittyBoneGhoul Sun 25-Nov-18 00:32:09

You arent together now is that right? I hope not.
He sounds awful and you have had s lucky escape. Don’t have any more dealings with him. If he wouldn’t untie you and continued having sex with you that is rape?
I hope you are ok

AlwaysSunshine81 Sat 24-Nov-18 22:44:11

I split up with my ex husband 18 months ago. Met someone quite soon after who always wanted sex. Wouldn’t take no as an answer, kissed me goodbye but kept pulling at my tights Etc when I’d said no. Maybe I won’t want strong enough to say Stop. During sex he’d tie me up which I enjoyed at the beginning but then he wouldn’t listen and let me go. We drank quite a lot together which has put me off drinking and he always used to go on and on about various things, one time how’s crap wives were! One time I arrived early at his and he wasn’t impressed cos he wasn’t ready for me. He ended up smashing a glass and I could see the rage, he went into the bathroom for 5 mins and came out normal and apologised.
I can’t help thinking about all these thing

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