Dream: answered my own question. Tell me yours?!

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MrsCatE Tue 02-Oct-18 23:19:08

Was telling MrCat of my vivid dream: it was of the perfect knife, I wanted this knife - I knew it was multifunctional and the only one I would ever need. It was initially offered without any consequences and I was happy to accept, however, I realised there were hidden caveats and I dithered... I considered stealing said knife but can't remember if I did (have huge moral compass so doubt I nicked itl or what was outcome. Anyway, blathering on to him about dream that I had experienced whilst sleeping as usual, in the spare room.... truth slowly dawned.

Do I even need to explain I've been in a sexless marriage for years?

I've already posted about soul destroying aspect of sexual rejection but can't believe I didn't see symbolism of dream - most memorable I've had in years!!!

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noego Wed 03-Oct-18 14:43:47

Sounds wonderful OP. Just for my benefit, could you expand on the significance please

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