Cramps after sex?

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PankyE Mon 27-Aug-18 15:31:27

Hi everyone, I need some advice.

I was 12dpo and my period was due next day according to fertility friend.
DP and I had unprotected sex and within half an hour I started to experience very painful period cramps which lasted about 4-5 hours. I was curled up in a ball after 2 hours it was so bad. Had hot water bottle and paracetamol and that helped.
Then I had some bleeding after that. Put in my mooncup and it was just under half full the next morning.
Since then bleeding has been very light. Not what I would call a normal period for me!

It occurred to me that when a woman needs to be induced, a synthesized form of pig semen is used to make the uterus contract and go into labour.

Could my DP have caused my period to start immediately? And why was the pain so intense and then very light period?
We are actively TTC as well.

I'm very curious to know if anyone else experienced this? I've tried googling it and there is a shocking lack of information out there.
Not sure if this is the best place to ask this question, sorry if it's not! Happy to see it moved somewhere better.

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PankyE Mon 27-Aug-18 15:36:30

Damn I should also add that I'm worried that I have thin womb lining with such short period? Has anyone gotten pregnant with only 3-4 days light(ish) periods?

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PankyE Mon 27-Aug-18 16:44:22


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wantmorenow Mon 27-Aug-18 22:45:05

No idea about the sex bit you describe but I only ever had the lightest shortest periods and have had 4 kids and got pregnant very easily. Don't think the amount of bleeding is related to fertility at all.

Women's bodies are diverse and wonderful.

PankyE Tue 28-Aug-18 01:41:49

That's reassuring! Thank you for replying

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