Erection less hard when im on top

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NameChangerella Sun 19-Aug-18 02:34:32

As per the title, my DHs erection is definitely softer when I'm on top. It feels like it might bend and I know it must do a bit sometimes as he occasionally finds it painful. I don't think it's anything to do with how turned on he is as he loves me on top. I think it must be something to do with gravity or the mechanics of the situation, but what? And how can we resolve it? He's 40s btw

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Joey7t8 Sun 19-Aug-18 10:50:37

Sounds like a circulatory problem with less blood getting where you want it. Has he got out of shape over the past few years?

Anon90 Sun 19-Aug-18 13:11:26

Is this happening when youre grinding back and fourth as opposed to up and down?

Ive had this and i think its to do with pressure,especially if you have all your weight on him (and you dont nees to be big im 9stone and 5ft7 and was less) i reckon the pressure from that causes it.

Mine deffo doesnt have a circulatory problem, ive never net anyone who gets as hard as he does. I just support my own weight with my thighs.

NameChangerella Mon 20-Aug-18 00:59:09

Thanks for the replies. He's in really good shape and it's the up and down that's the problem. It does feel like it could be a circulatory issue I agree. He has a kind of baseball bat shape penis, the girth being at the top, could this be contributing to the issue?

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MisterT373 Tue 21-Aug-18 22:56:48

It's gravity!!!

HowlingAtTheAbyss Wed 22-Aug-18 11:18:51

Try it with you facing the other way. Then his penis will be more aligned with the angle of your vagina and you won't be so worried. It's a better fit in my experience.

MisterT373 Wed 22-Aug-18 11:33:23

Howling - you mean "Reverse Cowgirl"


HowlingAtTheAbyss Wed 22-Aug-18 14:20:08

I'll take your word for it!

MisterT373 Wed 22-Aug-18 14:45:43

I do have some experience of these situations

Essentially if you're on your back then gravity still managed to effect blood flow. Given that the man's member is pretty much at the most extreme area it's going to feel the effects of gravity most. Using a cock ring will stop the blood from moving downwards. Obviously can't be used for too long. Some guys I'm sure have no problems and from experience some recover and get hard again. Just keep practising!

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