Needing to wee/pain after sex

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ihavetogoshoppingnow Wed 04-Jul-18 08:51:48

I’ve always got an intense need to wee and some pain right after sex and sometimes the day after too but I slept with someone on Friday night who was erm massive blush and it went on for hours and I’m still getting that need to wee and pain now. It doesn’t feel like a uti but do you think I should get it checked out? Or is there anything I can do to make it better and/or stop it happing again, the sex was amazing and I really want to see him again but I don’t want to feel like this after every time.

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NotTheFordType Sun 08-Jul-18 09:32:04

It sounds like you are very tight vaginally and possibly have a low cervix as well. I feel your pain!

Do you always use lube? If not, start doing so right away. Get a decent quality one too - not bloody Durex, their lubes go all jelly-like and useless within minutes. My favourite is Liquid Silk.

Assuming you're using condoms, try switching to a non-latex brand such as Skyns. It's possible you're sensitive to latex.

When banging a guy with a big cock, I always say "Let me start on top, and please go steady because you're pretty big and I'm pretty tight!" I'll give it 5 minutes of gentle sex for my vagina to relax and accommodate them, then I'll allow a change of position.

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