Finally, the big O

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Southernfairies Sun 17-Jun-18 11:38:33

@knufflebuns glad it's given you hope. Hang on in there. I honestly thought I never would. I worried I was too self conscious to "get there" with an audience. Now I know it's possible maybe I'll be able to let go more often and even if it takes time for it to happen again, I at least know I can.

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knufflebuns Sun 17-Jun-18 02:04:10


Little bit jealous but your post gives me hope because I never have. Hope there are many more to come (if you'll pardon the pun!)

Southernfairies Sun 17-Jun-18 00:23:59

This is really stupid but I just had to share. Not only due to how epic this is for me but to maybe show others that all is not lost.
I'm a 32 year old with 1 child. I've been with dh since I was 20 and he's the only person I've ever done anything with.
Now when we got together there was plenty of sex, but I never ever orgasmed. As I grew up this never changed. I liked sex but it was never the best thing ever and I felt slightly out of it, like I was missing something. I could orgasm on my own but never with him.
Time went on and we had a kid. It's taken a long time to get back to sex and although I have a bullet (which is a god send) it's not something that ever worked with both of us.
Well tonight I had an orgasm with him. This is so epic for me. I finally was able to let go and share being vulnerable with him. He didn't tire trying to get me off and I felt confident in directing him. I feel its such a huge step for me and shows that it's not too late.
I feel a bit silly for how this makes me feel but I honestly can't believe it as I thought I was destined to only climax solo (it's all the more of an achievement as dd fell out of bed mid way through so we had to stop for a bit and restart)
Responses are not required, I just really wanted to share it with someone.

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