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Ifyoubuildit Mon 11-Jun-18 17:21:50

Does the Mirena coil dampen your sex drive at all? specifically at the times of the month when you're most horny?

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Familymanhusband Mon 11-Jun-18 20:09:36

I can only comment from 'our' experience in that it did indeed reduce DPs libido, and we suspect caused/contributed to low mood depression.

limon Mon 11-Jun-18 21:19:16

It completely deadened my libido and messed with my moods. Had it removed last decemer.

mummyretired Tue 12-Jun-18 11:13:06

No, not IME. (5 years with it in).

MarieG10 Tue 12-Jun-18 12:51:18

No, I haven't found it to do that. In fact I find it helps as I don't have periods any more as they gradually stopped a few months after having it fitted so that's a real bonus. I think it is great.

Clubcuts Tue 12-Jun-18 19:39:40

I think it's a god send! No periods after months or bleeding every couple of weeks, more sex now!

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