Kegal 8 toner? Reviews?

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ThaiRedCurry Tue 08-May-18 17:40:37

Has anyone purchased a Kegal 8 pelvic floor toner? Or a similar brand?
I'm looking to purchase one after the birth of my DS and wanted to get reviews from real people!
Thanks in advance

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lovemylover Thu 10-May-18 21:06:10

Have you looked at any reviews? usually there are some wherever you are thinking of getting this from
Just google it,

Typeractive Fri 11-May-18 22:39:22

I've got one - it's really good and worth the money IMO. It sorted out my stress incontinence, meant I could once again hold a tampon in and also stopped me fanny farting during sex, which I had found absolutely mortifying blush.

I always use the programme that's supposed to enhance sexual sensation, but can't say I've noticed any improvements in that department.

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