How to find a FWB?

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namechangingspecimen Thu 29-Mar-18 21:23:58

Is there some kind of thing like a nightclub where people go, knowing that a hookup/FWB is the intention? Or are apps the way to go these days? I rarely see men around I find attractive, unfortunately hmm

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AllGoodDogs Thu 29-Mar-18 22:00:39

Swingers club or Tinder I think! Although if you don't know them already, I don't think they're classified as an FWB?

Jason118 Fri 30-Mar-18 00:24:23

Find the friend first - otherwise it's likely to be a succession of ONS. It's not easy on line chat can work as long as you have a strong 'weirdo' filter smilesmile

weekendninja Fri 30-Mar-18 01:04:57

I found mine on Fab Swingers. As Jason says you need a strong weirdo filter but it worked for me.

I had no profile pic, although my write up was pretty detailed about what i was after. I only replied to people that had clearly read my profile, that were articulate and interesting and that practiced safe sex. We would meet for coffee and then if the connection was right it developed into a FAB situation. There are so many people on there, including plenty of weirdos but there are some great people too. My experience was very positive.

You could meet a different person every night of the week on there if you wanted but I was happy with one FWB at a time!

Joey7t8 Fri 30-Mar-18 13:27:47

I’d suggest a regular on line dating site, or Tinder. Don’t put in your profile that you’re looking for a FWB - that’ll definitely attract the weirdos - but just set up a normal date with a man that ticks your boxes and come clean with what you’re after once you’ve met him in person (assuming he appears normal). It might catch him off guard somewhat, but I’m sure he’ll be delighted.

MickHucknallspinkpancakes Fri 30-Mar-18 15:38:25

Like @weekendninja I found similar on Adulthub. Had some amazingly interesting and fun experiences.

Coco134 Fri 30-Mar-18 21:38:58

Fab swingers, your have no problem finding someone on there.


Fabulousdahlink Mon 09-Apr-18 23:34:14

Blendr has plenty of men happy to be I'm told.blush

PanGalaticGargleBlaster Tue 10-Apr-18 14:49:16

Swinging Heaven is another site. As others have alluded to be prepared to wade through quite a few time wasters and odd balls but it is quite easy to weed them out. I have met a few decent, funny, articulate people through that site who went on to become very enjoyable FWBs.

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