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CherryChapstickIsLush Sun 04-Feb-18 11:05:38

Hi. Have been searching the site for a similar thread for chat.

Having previously had a 3yr relationship with a woman I am now happily married to a guy. thoughts are now turning to experiencing being with a woman again as it is by far the most sensuous experience...ever!

Anyone want to discuss or chat...anyone else had similar experiences?

Let's hear your thoughts on this!

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BungledUpInTwo Sun 04-Feb-18 22:22:23

This is nothing to do with being bisexual; it's a thread about cheating on your husband.

CherryChapstickIsLush Mon 05-Feb-18 00:03:04

Actually. It has nothing to do with cheating. If you'd read correctly it says that I'm now happily married to a guy.

Just wondered how other women managed to suppress their feelings, that's all.

How judgmental!

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BoobleMcB Mon 05-Feb-18 07:54:37

A thread about thinking about cheating on your husband then?

Jobjobjob Mon 05-Feb-18 13:48:58

my thoughts are now turning to experiencing being with a woman again as it is by far the most sensuous experience...eve

AKA as cheating on your husband? Bring bi sexual is not a license to be unfaithful!

bowtieandheels Mon 05-Feb-18 16:37:38

Have you spoken to your husband about your feelings? I wouldn't call myself bi but I definitely have fantasies about being with women that I talk to my DP about and he's encouraged me to seek out those experiences. We then incorporate my experiences into our own sex life, it's great!

Mimsy123 Mon 05-Feb-18 19:55:19

he's encouraged me to seek out those experiences

I bet he has bowtieandheels smile


TheRoadLessRocky Tue 06-Feb-18 00:26:06

I get what you mean. I'm the opposite - married to a woman but occasionally crave sex with a man. I'm not going to cheat, it's not about that, but sex with men and women is so different that sometimes you really feel like a bit of the one you haven't got.

When I feel like that I tend to request a bit of rough with a dildo, the closest thing to satisfying it. But it's still not quite the same.

NotTheFordType Tue 06-Feb-18 19:02:05

Yeah you totally sound like a bisexual woman who isn't looking for wank material.

CherryChapstickIsLush Mon 12-Feb-18 03:30:25

TheRoadLessRocky - you totally get what I'm meaning. Thank you 💐

There's no way I would cheat on my husband as he's a decent man & we would see it as cheating regardless of the gender. It's just like you said - when you have one thing it's human nature to also think about the other. For some.

I was looking for advice on how to deal with these feelings.

As for the rest of the posts - mind out of the gutter - advice only please!

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000bourneFarm Mon 12-Feb-18 18:04:25

I'm confused.

I think I'm going to have a nice cup of tea, tjen come back. After a jolly good wank.

Torple Sun 01-Apr-18 16:58:52

It's something I have thought about quite a bit, I had a couple of flings with girls when I was younger, but nothing since I met my now husband.
I personally fall for a person, whatever their gender, but he happens to be the one I fell for the most.
I have thought about it, but I chose him as my life partner and all the time we're together, it will remain a fantasy/memories.
We were looking at divorce recently for other reasons, but have changed our minds.
If something happens between us, and I moved on, it wouldn't necessarily be with a man, but hopefully that won't be an issue for a very long time.
Anything else would be cheating.
So, in your situation, it's a choice of keeping the urges in or cheating.
Sorry, but that's how it is.

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