But of support please :(

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LJ17xx Tue 30-Jan-18 11:54:50

So my gp has said I have genital warts and I don't even have a sexual partner sad I've heard they can't be 100% cured and I'm just really worried about it. They are horrible sad

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Armygirl Tue 30-Jan-18 12:13:58

Hey there, they’re a virus so you can’t get rid of the virus in your body but you can get rid of the warts. Go along to your nearest sexual health clinic and they can give you treatment. There’s a few different types of treatment. They can freeze them, paint then with a certain type of acid in clinic or give you topical treatment to use at home.
Please don’t be worried. Most of us come into contact with the wart virus but not everyone develops warts. Sometimes they come out if you’re run down or sometimes in pregnancy. Smoking has been shown to make it harder to get rid of them so if you smoke, consider trying to quit.
Hope this helps

LJ17xx Tue 30-Jan-18 15:49:51

Thanks. It's horrible knowing even if they are treated they can come back.
I don't smoke and haven't been with anyone since before my son was born over 8 months ago. So a little confused too :/

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Armygirl Tue 30-Jan-18 17:00:20

Sometimes they just appear. You were probably exposed to the virus a while ago and now they’ve decided to come out. Are you run down?

LJ17xx Wed 31-Jan-18 10:09:13

Probably, my son is 8 months and still not getting any sleep :/

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