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1DAD2KIDS Mon 30-Oct-17 10:23:11

If you are looking for something open minded but not nesserserally so heavy on the kink/fetish side there is also Fabswingers.

1DAD2KIDS Mon 30-Oct-17 10:20:34

Has a lot of people who are on looking for hook ups rather than intrested in the kink/fetish scene. So I would say it's very hard to filter the fakes if your looking for a specific kink connection. But a great place to explore, discuss, get information and just to know your not alone in your kinks.

TangledSlinky Wed 25-Oct-17 21:33:13

I'm a member but again haven't been on in a while. Logged in recently and was surprised to see all my messages were from profiles essentially promoting "exclusive" weekend retreats and the like which was weird as I don't remember that many poorly disguised adverts as profiles last time I was online.

NormaNameChange Fri 20-Oct-17 20:14:20

Im a member. I havent been on for a long time as its full of flakes and fakes these days, people who was lyrical on how to and how not to do something with zero personal experience and very little understanding of S&M. That said if youre into corsets, princess sparkly butt plugs and tits... you might have some fun.

doreen007 Wed 18-Oct-17 06:33:29

Good for local events. There are a lot of people with no experience of the scene posting absolute shite.

So I've noticed. Not really into some of the stuff on there. But OMG, looking at some members profile pics, some heavy stuff!

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sexnamechange Tue 17-Oct-17 23:23:44

Good for local events. There are a lot of people with no experience of the scene posting absolute shite.

WinchestersInATardis Tue 17-Oct-17 21:12:16

I'm a member. Not on there much though.
I find it's mostly either people who already know each other in RL or random messages from men looking for hookups.
If you are into kink and similar, it is handy to keep track of local events and meets though.


doreen007 Tue 17-Oct-17 10:07:44

No doubt lots of men here are members. But what about us ladies? Joined out of curiosity when heard about it in conversation with some friends I meet up with now and again.
Looking through the various Fetlife groups, seems to be so many men all looking for a meet. But hardly any ladies posting in the groups.
So if any ladies here are members, like to hear your experiences. [Sceptical]

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