Tips and tricks needed - very heavily pregnant!

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SexAndAllThatJunk Mon 02-Oct-17 08:00:00

Name changed for this as it's so embarrassing!

Last night I had a sex dream which has made me ridiculously up for it! We have been having sex maybe once every 10ish days because of both being tired and it being so awkward at the moment. I've decided tonight is the night - going to have an early night so that we aren't tired. The problem is that I'm so heavily pregnant and suffering with SPD that it's very limited in positions that are comfortable. I can't be on my back, I can't straddle him, I find it too painful to be on all fours due to the weight. Up until now he's been sorting me out (with the aid of the faithful bullet) then doing me from behind while I'm on my side, but then I feel a bit disconnected. I'm also quite overweight anyway so it makes things even more difficult. My ideal night would include giving him a blow job, receiving a bit myself and finishing off with mind blowing sex but at the moment I'm feeling like it won't happen while I'm pregnant!

Has anyone got some tips or techniques for foreplay/sex positions that should be manageable? wink

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Isadora2007 Mon 02-Oct-17 13:43:39

Do you have a birthing ball (yoga ball?) at home? We used one of these to aid supporting me during all fours from behind- or even a huge pile of pillows to support the bump and me... that was our go to position.
I loved giving BJs during pregnancy- and found lying with my head on his stomach...him on his back or propped up slightly was nice.

Enjoy!!! Pregnancy orgasms rock!

SexAndAllThatJunk Mon 02-Oct-17 20:33:52

Thanks, got my ball out ready but DH is ill so the night of passion is cancelled sad

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filou87 Sun 08-Oct-17 15:22:05

28 weeks here and also suffering SPD. It works best if DH and I dtd in the morning or on a day when I've been less active otherwise I'm in too much pain with pelvis and back. We do a few positions, doggy or me on top then to finish we've just found a nice one. I get on my back and he gets inside, then we roll slightly to the side so I'm off my back a bit, it's like missionary but angled to the side so bump is protected. Think it's not very comfortable on DHs arms but nice to finish face to face. Good luck- it takes a bit of maneuvering and trial and error doesn't it!

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