Easy no effort sex

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RainbowBriteRules Fri 25-Aug-17 00:23:01

I would like to have a bit more sex with my DH but frankly after doing no exercise for months my fitness is shot and I'd like to be a bit lazy about it. It all feels like hard work - anyone else feel the same?

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Brahms3rdracket Fri 25-Aug-17 14:03:16

You're not going to get much out of it without putting a bit of effort in. I'm using sex as part of my exercise regime and it's very effective. It was the first exercise i felt able to do after my c-section. Also, if you're that unfit it will affect your sex drive, so get out walking, cycling or join the gym to get live!y again.

RainbowBriteRules Fri 25-Aug-17 20:45:41

Yes I know what you mean. Feel fairly unfit and can't really be bothered. Need to change that!

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RainbowBriteRules Sat 26-Aug-17 18:23:39

Just me feeling properly lazy then?!

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juicymoose Sat 26-Aug-17 21:36:33

Nothing wrong with the odd time where you "lie back and think of England"
OH rather enjoys being allowed free reign to play while I lie back and let him. blush

RainbowBriteRules Sat 26-Aug-17 21:39:32

Yes that is the kind of thing grin.

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onemorecakeplease Sat 26-Aug-17 21:42:36

Spoon sideways !


RainbowBriteRules Sat 26-Aug-17 21:49:12

Yes had forgotten about that, also minimal effort smile.

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juicymoose Sat 26-Aug-17 22:40:14

I think tbh I've struck gold with my OH - he gets extremely turned on by making me come - so much so that there are times we don't get round to PIV because I'm so knackered. I used to feel really guilty that it was me being a bit selfish but it's what he wants! Is your partner ok with it @RainbowBriteRules? (Love your username btw)

RainbowBriteRules Sat 26-Aug-17 22:53:24

Yes he is! I do return the favour occasionally smile.

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Brahms3rdracket Mon 28-Aug-17 15:45:05

Try doggy initially then when he's still inside, lay down flat on your front. Lovely and lazy, and great if you like your partner taking a dominant role grin

RainbowBriteRules Mon 28-Aug-17 21:58:41

I love that idea! Sounds incredibly lazy and perfect for hiding a less than perfect figure smile.

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ToHisMistress Tue 29-Aug-17 04:51:33

If you're not overlooked and the children have a trampoline in the garden..?

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