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weirdhairguywwyd Tue 25-Jul-17 09:05:35

I have been seeing a guy since January this year, we were friends for a couple of years before that. We have a lot of fun together and he really cares for me, took me away for my birthday and I recently went and met some of his friends and we got on well.

I just needed to bring this up here because I can’t really talk to any of my friends in real life about it, its just too weird,

We were in bed the other day I got up for a shower and casually mentioned I need a trim *down there

He was immediately quite turned on and asked if he could do it, which I thought was weird, but ok whatever. I since googled and found out that this is something that people do so, not that odd so far

I lay down and he used my trimmers on me and it actually felt quite nice, I quite enjoyed it, certainly better than doing it myself.

Then the next thing that happened was just fucking weird, he started eating the hair?! Like shoving it in his mouth and washing it down with water. I was. I just kind of lay there looking shocked and not knowing what to say. He laughed and said ‘well what do you think of that then’ and looked really pleased with himself.

I’m kind of left feeling a bit weird and not knowing what to do. On the one hand we have a really great sex life and I’ve never felt uncomfortable around him before. On the other hand that was just fucking weird!!

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AnyFucker Tue 25-Jul-17 09:10:48

That'll be a huge turn on when he starts coughing up the fur ball


JustMumNowNotMe Tue 25-Jul-17 09:12:52

He ate your pubes?! shock

NorthSouthLifesStillSame Tue 25-Jul-17 09:12:52

AF literally made me choke on my tea
Sorry OP if it feels weird to you then it's weird.

ThisBabyIsAnOctopus Tue 25-Jul-17 09:15:20

I really wish you could have seen my face when I read that.
I was not expecting to ever read something like that in my entire life shock


Justhadmyhaircut Tue 25-Jul-17 09:17:03

Is his name Tiddles?? shock

ThisBabyIsAnOctopus Tue 25-Jul-17 09:17:43

Actually, in hindsight, I'm 38 wks pg and have been chopping blindly away in preparation for my CS next week.
Can I book him in for a trim? Bonus that he makes sure there are no rogue hairs left on the carpet afterwards grin
Think about it OP, he's maybe just thinking about saving you some housework?!?


alltouchedout Tue 25-Jul-17 09:17:58

I would be lost for words. Which doesn't happen often.

Smeaton Tue 25-Jul-17 09:18:54

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

PollyBanana Tue 25-Jul-17 09:19:30

He clearly misunderstood the phrase "eat me out"

MrsJayy Tue 25-Jul-17 09:19:43

It isn't even half 9 😲 that is seriously weird

ThisBabyIsAnOctopus Tue 25-Jul-17 09:20:17

smeaton "fresh rimmed pubes' - best typo of the day

BreakfastAtSquiffanys Tue 25-Jul-17 09:20:29

Does he have Dyson written across his forehead?

ChasingHighs Tue 25-Jul-17 09:21:54

You need to buy him some of those whiskas fur ball treats.

Fucking weirdo.

Smeaton Tue 25-Jul-17 09:28:54

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TheNaze73 Tue 25-Jul-17 09:32:07

We've all done it. I wouldn't worry about it.

The difficult, eat the pubes crossroads in a relationship is a tricky subject to discuss.

DearMrDilkington Tue 25-Jul-17 09:36:48

Jesus... I really wasn't expecting that.

His not going to expect you to eat his pubes in return, is he?

MumBod Tue 25-Jul-17 09:40:52


I mean, the feeling of one stray one in the mouth is bad enough...but a whole fistful?


MrsJayy Tue 25-Jul-17 09:53:41

I wouldbe "hacking" all day

0ccamsRazor Tue 25-Jul-17 09:57:58

Wtf? Seriously wtf?

Nope still wtf.......
He is mixing up; pussy.....eating.....fur balls

BBQsAreSooooOverrated Tue 25-Jul-17 10:01:48

Eww wtf. That's making me gag thinking about it one stray one getting into my mouth is enough to make me retch but s whole foof full?!confusedenvy

ILostItInTheEarlyNineties Tue 25-Jul-17 10:06:50

It can be hazardous to eat hair as hair cannot be digested or passed by humans, even vomiting cannot remove a hair mass. It will sit in his digestive tract.

How much hair are we talking about here? He needs to cut down if it's a lot. Maybe just nibble one or two hairs rather than making a meal of it.

I'd find this a turn off. I can't see anything sexy about eating hair. confused

PutThatPomBearBack Tue 25-Jul-17 10:08:08


PutThatPomBearBack Tue 25-Jul-17 10:08:57

Next time you cook for both of you, make yourself a steak and serve him a bowl of pubesgrin

snoopypoodle Tue 25-Jul-17 10:10:36

How much hair are we talking about here? He needs to cut down if it's a lot. Maybe just nibble one or two hairs rather than making a meal of it.

Are those dietary guidelines relating to eating pubes?!

Omg this post ... It's too early for this 😂😂😂

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