Has anyone been a sub to a dom?

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Bumspoosandwees Fri 21-Jul-17 14:39:04

How do you break away?

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NormaNameChange Fri 21-Jul-17 20:15:32

You say, "I'm sorry this isnt working for me", delete and block all their contact details and curl up in a ball for a day, gorge on chocolate and then get up and move on.

If you're talking about a collared relationship, you give the collar back - unless they were kind enough to take it off you and release you from the obligation.

Was this your first D/s relationship? They can be hugely intense and depending on the level of control you may find yourself a bit lost for a few days but just remember... you cant give away what you don't own in the first place.

Girlywurly Fri 21-Jul-17 20:32:23

Are you OK, OP? Do you think you'd be able to say something along the lines of what Norma suggested?

You know this is your life and you're entitled to live it in whatever way you choose.

MsStricty Fri 21-Jul-17 21:11:33

Given the sub holds the power, you do as Norma suggests.

If you feel you're not able to walk away because you are in some way being coerced to stay, then it's not really about being in a D/s relationship, but one where power is being wielded outside the bounds of consent.

Renarde75 Sun 23-Jul-17 02:11:29

Yup sub to quite a few Doms over the years (one at once though!)

Could you be more specific OP? Why can't you? Is it because of love?

ReanimatedSGB Mon 31-Jul-17 02:07:11

You can walk away. BDSM is a game and it's fine to stop playing when you don't want to play any more. You do not need your partner's permission or co-operation to end a BDSM relationship that you no longer want to participate in no matter what he might have told you.
You get to dump him, if you want to. He can't stop you. If he won't go away, you can involve the police, if necessary.
(and the rest of your local/social kink community WILL NOT reject you for ending a relationship you don't want any more. )

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