Sex after 23 years

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noego Tue 30-May-17 08:36:31

I'd just relax into it. After being in an EA relationship for a long time, you are probably better at it than you think you are Experiment with the fantasies that you might have supressed during those 23 years.

josuk Sat 27-May-17 12:23:42

Hey - sorry. If sounds like you have a long and sad story.
Of course - given that sex with a new person will be awkward at the beginning.
Just - take it at the spead that is comfortable to you. Do things that feel nice.
Try (as hard as it may be) not to focus on the orgasm. Once it's inyiir head - trying to get to that goalpost - it makes everything worse, and it doesn't happen. Mind is a powerful thing....

If you are feeling sexual and libido is back - i'd also say - play with yourself....
Your body has been programmed to respond to a particular person/particular way for such a long time. Getting used to different ways, different touching and all that- takes time.

conway Fri 26-May-17 21:04:25

Have been divorced for 2 years and not had sex with anyone other than my ex for 24 years.
Have now met someone new and have had sex a few times. It was enjoyable but find it really awkward and can't stop comparing sex with my ex which was quite good. Also , not having orgasams as find it hard to relax. Am a busy single working mum of 51.
I was in a bad EA relationship and is taking me a long time to trust anyone again. Anyone experienced similar?

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