Pelvic inflammatory disease/sti/coil???

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mrsgendry Thu 12-Jan-17 13:42:27

Not sure if in the right section but currently driving myself myself mad.

Was wondering if people who have suffered PID could give me some insight please. I fear I may have PID, or maybe I've just worked myself up so much I'm being paranoid. I do have an appointment at the GUM next week but I could do with some talking down.

Embarrassingly, I was VERY stupid last year and started sleeping with someone w/out a condom (old friends who I naively didn't suspect) went to grab my pill a couple of months ago and by chance took a chlamydia test - of course, it was positive. No symptoms whatsoever. Absolutely horrified, was treated straight away and all party's informed.
Since this I've constantly worried about how it could have affected me and feel disgusted in myself.
Especially the past week I can't stop thinking about PID. I have a very tender/bloated lower abdomen and suffer with bad period/ovulation pain (but I always have). Not noticed any other symptoms but didn't with the original sti! I don't know if the discomfort I'm feeling could be an infection or just my normal cramps amplified by the paranoia.
I also had the mirena coil until a few months ago but had it removed due to the side effects. I've read some stories about getting pelvic infections from this.

Anybody who has suffered from this can you let me know your experience/how it felt for you? Driving myself to distraction!

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gamerchick Thu 12-Jan-17 13:48:05

When you're were diagnosed and treated for chlamydia did you then have a full screen to check for other stds?

If you've been treated then it's unlikely to be that.. a full screen would be next on my list in your shoes though.

I was caught with chlamydia once, it didn't cause any lasting problems. Go for the screen and if your anxiety continues, have a chat with your gp.

mrsgendry Thu 12-Jan-17 13:55:32

It was just before Christmas, I only had a swab at the family planning so a full screen was already booked after I was treated - fingers crossed there is nothing else.

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Minstrelsareyum Thu 12-Jan-17 13:55:53

I don't know if this is going to help but I also currently have abdo and lower back pain, bloated tummy and also have a mirena coil which has been in situ since last Jan. I can't give any advice re possible PID but it could well be the mirena, so you need to get it checked. I have made an appointment with GP in ten 10 days as I think my coil is starting to cause problems mentioned above. I also have started getting very irregular periods too although they are light (the reason I had the coil). The mirena can be helpful but it can also have lots of side effects. I am having side effects now that I didn't get with my first mirena but I am 49 so it could be the menopause for me. But you know, to put your mind at rest do speak to a professional. Hopefully all will be ok.

mrsgendry Thu 12-Jan-17 14:04:16

I had my mirena for just over 2 years - took a long time to settle but I took mine out because it started making my hair fall out (!) not a side effect they tell you about but it's a very real thing. I'm talking bald patches/alopecia style. Had blood tests, all clear. Had the coil removed and within a week the baby hair was growing back! They also don't warn you about the 'mirena crash' from having it removed, massive hormonal crash, I was actually suicidal for about 2 weeks it got so bad. Never ever will I go near a mirena again. Do not recommend

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Minstrelsareyum Thu 12-Jan-17 14:16:34

Op, I apologise. I misread your thread. I thought you still had the coil. Sorry. And sorry to hear about all the problems. The positive for me has been the lighter periods (only needing a panty liner during periods). The first coil I had was wonderful - light periods straight away. This time - awful. As I mentioned abdo pain, back pain, irregular periods, breast pain worst than ever. I think you have convinced me that I may have to see if it can be removed but it will have to be under a GA as it got stuck last time. Anyone, to answer correctly this time (!) go and see your doctor about the pain and get some reassurance.

mrsgendry Thu 12-Jan-17 14:27:18

I had all those symptoms too, took over a year for my periods to calm down. Also had horrendous breast pain which I've never suffered from. The thing was evil, of course it works great for some women but just my luck to get pretty much every bad symptom that comes with it. Thanks, hopefully get a quick answer next week

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sansucre Thu 12-Jan-17 21:22:54

A colleague of mine had Pelvic Inflammatory Disease. She was told it was caused by an infection she picked up having unprotected sex.

After feeling unwell and bloated for a few weeks she started bleeding constantly for three-four weeks. She also felt a little fluey too and fainted several times. Finally she went to the GP and was taken into hospital for a few days and put on a drip and given antibiotics. It cleared up but returned a few weeks later and she was off work for a few more weeks while she recovered.
She's fine now thankfully!

But it was a difficult time for her. I remember her telling me she wasn't feeling right and how awful that what had started out as spotting was now a constant period. I even told her at the time I thought it sounded like PID and urged to go to the doctors ASAP. I was very relieved when she did, was diagnosed and treated.

From what you've said I honestly don't think it's PID. But go get it checked out nonetheless as it's better to be safe. Hopefully it's nothing more than psychosomatic or at worst, an infection from your Mireya removal which can definitely and easily be treated.

Good luck OP. Hope it all turns out well.

SignoraStronza Thu 12-Jan-17 23:33:16

I had PID or similar - I think possibly for years before I got it treated. Never tested positive for Chlamydia during that time and was tested on quite a regular basis, so not sure what specific infection caused it. It was inserted by a very inexperienced gp though, with an awful lot of faffing about (the nurse was a family friend, so didn't want her to do it) and I was told that possibly didn't help.

Anyway, major symptom was a sudden searing, stabbing pain, which caused me to double up. A bit like a contraction I suppose. Not all the time, but it started to happen more regularly so I finally got checked out. No issues with periods though.

Doctor pressed down gently on my uterus and I nearly shot through the ceiling, so fairly easy to diagnose.

A couple of shots in the arse of ABs, with a course to take home and no further problems.
No residual issues with conceiving either.

If you're worried, go get it checked out at a gum clinic.

mrsgendry Fri 13-Jan-17 19:45:06

It's not been so bad today but I've kept distracted - 99.9% in my head I think!
As I stated I'm going next week, no walk in appointments this week so had to book at the next clinic (2 week waits list for my own doctor)
Thank you all for your answers smile they've definitely helped

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