What can I do about post-sex soreness?

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FirstOfHerName Fri 02-Dec-16 07:31:49

So, a few days ago I went to bed with a guy I've been seeing for a while. It was great fun but I think we got a bit carried away as I'm still a bit tender down below!

I haven't had much sex since having DS nearly 3 years ago - normal birth, second-degree tear that was stitched and healed but (apologies for TMI), I don't have much of a perineum left and the soreness is around that area.

So it could be that I just need to get used to being in the saddle, so to speak, and take it slow, use lube etc? Any positions to avoid? Would really appreciate some suggestions - I really fancy the guy but I also need to be able to walk the next day!!

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FirstOfHerName Fri 02-Dec-16 11:19:30


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HeyRoly Fri 02-Dec-16 11:34:07

Lube, definitely.

And he needs to be more considerate also. If you're in pain when you walk then he needs to bang you less hard next time. No need to go like a jackhammer. Unless you like that sort of thing.

FirstOfHerName Fri 02-Dec-16 15:07:59

Hah, yes, I think we were both very turned on and went for it a bit too much in the heat of the moment!

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AkimboLimbo Sat 03-Dec-16 12:22:06

A good quality water based lube
Sliquid or Lovehoney are really good

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