poo during sex - i feel mortified

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KittyCatty20 Wed 30-Nov-16 23:30:12

If it makes you feel any better I have an equally mortifying story which even DH doesn't know about.

When I was much younger I was 69ing (how very early 2000s!) with my then bf and halfway through I felt him pause and kind of pick something off my bottom and heard something 'drop' onto some paper on the floor. When he went to the loo afterwards I looked over the side of the bed and to my horror saw a piece of poo! I then threw it out of the window... blush Never spoke about it and we were together several years!

I've never told anyone about that - most mortifying thing that's ever happened to me!

cherrielollie Sat 26-Nov-16 10:38:53

I have had the same problem and I used my GP to sort it out. In my case, I also got a wet/dirty bum now and then when not connected with sex - but it also happened with sex. My problem was caused by small amounts of poo remaining in the lower part of my rectum just above the anus after I had been to the loo. It seems that that last bit of your intestine should be a closed tube without poo in it after you have been to the loo. If poo gets left there, the rectum has a natural response of secreting fluid to help it out (like brown water that smells of fishy poo - slightly diorheoa like). If I had wind I found it was worse and the fluid would splutter out making my pants wet and smelly. I solved mine by several things. 1. More fibre to prevent hard stools that are difficult to pass and break off leaving stuff behind. 2. Drinking plenty of water through the day. 3. Not rushing or straining when doing a poo and doing it when I won't get rushed or put off. 4 Lost weight - apparently that lower bit of your rectum loses "tonality" if you are a bit over weight. One way of checking if you have pooed properly is to get in the shower and push a finger up there - if you can feel poo in the first half to one inch, you have more to do - so get out and sit on the loo and try and poop out a bit more - it is that last bit that does the damage. I also avoid nuts which I found caused the lethal combination of wind, constipation and brown wetness. There are posts on MN in the health sections on the wet bum syndrome and quite a bit if you Google it. Be assured, you will solve it.

ExplodingCarrots Sat 26-Nov-16 09:41:32

Oh op blush I'm sure this has happened to loads of people. I remember within the first 3 months of being together I (really sorry tmi ) fanny farted during sex. I was so embarrassed I cried. 10 years later , wer still together and laugh about it all the time now.

rumpler Sat 26-Nov-16 09:25:06

I think you need to brush it under the carpet (NOT LITERALLY) and move on. If he's a decent bloke he'll realise it was an accident, a one-off.

If it happens to you regularly then obviously doctor time, get your butt checked out...

BackToBasics2 Thu 24-Nov-16 18:29:33

Hi, I've been with my partner for around 3 months so things are relatively new.

Last night we were having sex on the sofa with me on top and him in a sitting position. After a while I felt a little "wet" down there (I'm really sorry for to information) and then I could smell poo. I thought maybe I had just passed silent wind, yes I know this is disgusting, but felt embarrassed as I kept thinking can he smell it?

Then we changed position and he looked down and said "oh my, are you bleeding?" as he had something on his leg. I knew instantly what it was but felt mortified so didn't say anything. He went to the toilet and obviously said it was poo. I don't mean a full on poo, again sorry, but like trickles of runny poo. I went to the toilet and had it run down the back of my leg.

He was very good about it and told me not to worry but I am absolutely mortified as this has never happened before with anyone, not even in the that position.

I am scared to have sex again, especially in that position and I hope he doesn't think of me in a gross way now even of he says not to worry.

Has this happened to anyone else?

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