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MagnifiMad Tue 19-Jul-16 15:26:36

Was going to namechange but can't be bothered! Not well known on here anyway.

DH and I have somewhat mistmatched sex drives with him having a higher libido. In an effort to meet in the middle, (and yes, he's making efforts too!), I have bought pumpkin seeds and clary sage oil.

I remember way back in Handbag days that there was someone who used clary sage oil but I can't remember how she used it - am I supposed to sniff it or burn it or what?!

Also wondering if anyone else has any tried and tested libido boosters?

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lollybags Tue 19-Jul-16 17:26:33

My suggestions would be.
1. A vibrator of your choice (don't let him get it - you know best). If you are unsure, a small bullet is a good way to start. Durex do one for £10 that you can get in Boots or Tesco. If you are more adventurous, look at or read the online article from Good House Keeping ( ).
2. Invest in some decent lube
3. Those herb things don't work
4. Try the Swoon arousal balm available in Boots. It does not work for everyone but it is good for some.
5. Get good contraception in place (is this a worry at the back of your mind?)
6. Tell him what you want/don't want and reward your efforts with a decent orgasm. Teach him to make you come if he does not know how.

Happy shaggin

MagnifiMad Tue 19-Jul-16 17:58:40

Thanks Lolly!

I've never really got on with vibrators but I do have one so might dig it out.
No issues with contraception and no real issue with me climaxing/him getting me to climax, more that I am not that bothered about wanting sex .

This Swoon sounds a bit interesting..I am not in the UK so wonder if the have similar over here (Canada).

I also have, in the past, made an effort to read erotic fiction and stuff which has worked before.

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auldspinster Tue 19-Jul-16 20:45:09

Pumpkin seeds do have a lot of zinc in them which can boost the libido - I went on a health eating plan and was horny as hell, managed to isolate the seeds I was using to add interest to salad as the cause!

0phelia Tue 19-Jul-16 23:37:27

State of mind is an important factor, It's good you are trying out herbal and nutritional solutions but you should also engage your sexual imagination frequently to boost your sex drive.

Set aside time each day to relax, specifically to think about sex or read erotica. Indulge in your own private fantasy then let your loved one help it to come true.

It's a truism that the more orgasms you have, the more you want.

MagnifiMad Wed 20-Jul-16 00:33:14

Good to hear about the pumpkin seeds!

Ophelia - yes, I agree. Deciding to prioritize and think about it does make me want it more but full-time job/kids/trying to get some running done/household chores etc etc can get in the way!

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