Long term condom use?

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WalkingBlind Thu 17-Mar-16 22:12:36

So I've never really used contraception but now after my second child (I'm mid-twenties) I'd like to pause for a while. But none of the methods of contraception are right for me confused

Has long term condom use put a 'dampner' on anyone's sex life?

I don't find them a turn off but enjoy the skin-to-skin feel. I bought some Skyn ones to try but haven't yet.

Anyone use them as their main contraception for an active sex life? (Almost daily sex... For now lol)

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FattyNinjaOwl Thu 17-Mar-16 22:17:39

I use condoms and the pill. I do prefer the skin to skin feel, but we need to be extra careful as my 7 month old was a pill failure and none of the other methods of contraception are right for me. It doesn't put a damper on for us. Although daily sex doesn't happen with 3 dc! It is quite regular (2/3 times a week)
I haven't tried skyn ones, so would be interested to know if they are any different to regular condoms.

Jennifer11 Fri 18-Mar-16 07:55:00

I've used every contraceptive method in the book - the one that suited me best was microgynon but had to stop that due to high blood pressure. Coil = horrendous bleeding, mirena = they couldnt get it in, mini pill = no sex drive, condoms = itching, thrush, cap = utis. Last resort was fertility awareness method with condoms but started using skyns. Think it was a mixture of getting large ones which fitted properly and non-latex and they're fab. Use them for most of month with a break on non-fertile days (but v cautious with that so not much of the month without them) Sex 4-5 times a week and they're not an inconvenience or any sort if "dampener" Completely gone back to my usual sex drive rather than it being affected by hormones and feel loads better for it! grin

PennyHasNoSurname Fri 18-Mar-16 08:03:03

We use condoms, and have since a year before ttcing (five years ago). No dampener on our sex.life, and the only pregnancies we have had in that time were the planned ones.

For me, the fact that they contain all the mess is the main perk grin

chelle792 Fri 18-Mar-16 08:04:45

We use condoms and nothing else. I actually find it's better for me as I'm prone to thrush without.

It doesn't dampen anything

chelle792 Fri 18-Mar-16 08:05:50

That sounded incredibly crass, I mean they've had no adverse impact on our sex life

SalmonMaki Fri 18-Mar-16 08:11:41

We've always and only used condoms, apart from when ttc - for 20 years. Never been "dampener" and for me, they're much more preferable than other types of contraception.

However, after 20 years we did have one tear on us and that was the instigation for a vasectomy (we're not having anymore kids).


eurochick Fri 18-Mar-16 08:16:00

I used condoms for years. The pill doesn't agree with me and I didn't fancy any of the alternatives. It didn't dampen anything!

AyeAmarok Fri 18-Mar-16 10:01:53

Condoms are fine. Minor inconvenience with the few seconds where you pause proceedings to put on on, but has the benefit of containing all the mess after and making the 'getting up to go to the bathroom after' part his responsibility rather than yours. You can go to sleep!

cosmicdomestic Sun 20-Mar-16 15:06:25

We have used condoms again now for a few months and they are fine for long term use (I'm speaking from a man's perspective). I have used condoms on and off for years and the main issue is getting ones that fit properly. The one thing that can put a man off condoms is because they are too tight. I'm certain that I'm average size but most main brands are too tight - especially at the top. I think they make them tight for contraception efficiency (no leaks) and so that they stay as snug tubes to avoid breakage. The Durex XL Comfort and Pasante Naturelle are nice and big and you cant feel them when the business gets underway. As everyone else says, they stop the mess so no wet patches to sleep in too! I also prefer them because sex in the morning after having it the night before is .. er well nicer and not smelly.

LordoftheTits Sun 20-Mar-16 18:22:07

I've tried literally every hormonal option available on the NHS over the past ten years and none of them are any good for me so we use condoms. I'm considering going down the very 90's route of having a diaphragm fitted as a second layer of protection as we don't want kids at all.

LillyBugg Sun 20-Mar-16 18:31:59

I'm going to go against the grain and say I really don't like condoms. They don't ruin the moment but they definitely distract me. Also I've tried skyns and don't think they are any different to any other condom. I really think it's a matter of personal preference. I used them in between my DS and ttc number 2 (now) and I was glad when they were gone!

FreeSpirit89 Sun 20-Mar-16 19:16:47

I love my coil. I had it put in, and that's it. For five years. No periods. No nothing. My Dom and I are fluid bonded so all is good.

skankingpiglet Sun 20-Mar-16 22:31:16

I don't think it dampens the moment taking the time to put one on, my issue with them is I've never found them particularly reliable. I don't think we are especially 'vigorous', but have had them split so many times over the years. It's a PITA/expensive getting the morning after pill and having to take that massive dose of hormones completely undoes the point of not being on the pill. Plus the one and only time we had a split and I wasn't able to get the MAP (we were in the middle of nowhere for a few days) I fell pregnant with DD. I'm pregnant with DC2 at the moment and DH has offered to get the snip after this one thank fuck. When we were using condoms DH found Skyns the most comfortable and reliable. Keep well away from 'They Fit', this was the brand that made us parents. Sound like a great idea but the trial pack definitely didn't stand up to testing. Cheeky fuckers emailed us a few months later for feedback as we hadn't ordered a subsequent full-sized pack. DH sent a reply that after using their product I was up the duff so we had no need for further condoms for some time. Strangely they never got back to us...

girlandboy Sun 20-Mar-16 22:37:43

DH and I have ever used anything else unless TTC. And that's nearly 30 years now.

Not found that it's distracting or dampens the mood. And we've never had one that split or come off.

And I prefer that they contain everything, so less clearing up afterwards for me anyway grin

icebearforpresident Fri 01-Apr-16 20:00:16

DH and I have used condoms as our only contraceptive for about 6 years with no problems,never felt it fgotin the way and from my point of view it helped me catch up to him while he was putting it on iyswim.

That being said,dd2 is the result of getting 'carried away' after too much wine one evening. But we were begining to talk about having another baby anyway so it wasn't a bit real

WalkingBlind Fri 01-Apr-16 20:40:49

icebear I have a feeling I'm one for getting carried away when drunk blush Except I have a newborn and i decided to go down the condom route, hopefully it doesn't end up like 16 kids and counting grin

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MulderitsmeX Sat 02-Apr-16 18:52:04

Apart from two periods of about 2 months I have used them alone for contraception my entire adult life. Think they are brilliant, I don't get on with the pill (prefer my body to do its own thing naturally) and never had any issues.

SausageSmuggler Sun 03-Apr-16 21:50:54

I used to use the pill before DC3 but had to come off because of breakthrough bleeding. In the beginning it killed the moment a bit but now it's fine and not a dampener at all. I kind of prefer them tbh it's less messy!

daydream86 Sun 03-Apr-16 22:00:10

we used condoms for 7 years up until the point where we decided
to ttc. I can honestly say we never minded using them, I didn't really want to use hormonal methods I have used the pill before and the injection but I felt I wanted to let my body do its natural cycle thing. We
never found it to be a major disturbance to the flow of sex it's only a short moment to grab one and put on after all. we tried several brands and found the durex silver ones our favourite. having said all that I got pregnant straight away after ditching them and I am enjoying the skin to skin sensation slightly more now
I'm pregnant, but it's not a massive difference in sensation and the messiness afterwards now and having the bathroom dash to clean up after is a bit of a faff!

SecretlycrushingonTomHanks Thu 12-May-16 21:00:34

DH and I have been together for 10 years now. About 2 years into our relationship I decided to come off the pill and we went back to using condoms as our method of contraception. The only time in the past 8 years we haven't used them was when TTC our 2 daughters and whilst I was pregnant with them. I actually quite like it. It reminds me of the beginning part of our relationship when we were young and fun and were st it like rabbits. Actually makes me feel more turned on!

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