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OpiesOldLady Mon 14-Mar-16 19:24:22

Following the fisting thread, i was wondering if there's any other kinksters out there that fancy a natter?

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FreeSpirit89 Mon 14-Mar-16 22:53:23

I'm of the more kinkier variety smile

gininteacupsandleavesonthelawn Tue 15-Mar-16 08:41:41

Me blush

Room101isWhereIUsedToLive Tue 15-Mar-16 08:43:27

What are we going to natter about?

VenusInFauxFurs Tue 15-Mar-16 09:47:38

As the OP of the fisting thread, I'm feeling a little reluctant to share my actual perversions right now. Fisting's pretty much vanilla isn't it? At least the link to sexual gratification is fairly obvious.

But you know, you can start a thread on the normally quiet sex board and next thing you know it's got 160-odd (and some of them ate very odd) replies.

So I reckon I'm keeping schtum about my kinkiness for now. smile

stumblymonkey Tue 15-Mar-16 09:51:37

Is it supposed to be the case that sex threads don't show in 'active' and therefore don't attract the pearl clutchers?

If so...MNHQ has a tech glitch as this one is up on 'active' on the app too...

VenusInFauxFurs Tue 15-Mar-16 10:01:08

I think so. Posters were all "It came up on Trending! Of course I clicked on it! I didn't expected all this!"

It still said "sex" and "fisting", you dingbats. What did you think it was going to be about?

Not that I'm trying to derail your thread, OP. Get back to your kinkery, kinksters.


Room101isWhereIUsedToLive Tue 15-Mar-16 10:34:11

I wouldn't call fisting 'vanilla'. Definitely niche market stuff.

OpiesOldLady Tue 15-Mar-16 20:21:30

Don't be daft, i don't expect you to tell me all your kinks, i just wondered how you incorporated your kinks into your daily lives? Is it strictly bedroom only or do you live it all the time? Do you go to munches or fetish nights? Do any of your friends/family know?

I'm asking here i suppose as although I'm on Fet, I'm finding most of the people on there just want random hook ups or plays and not proper conversations about this kind of thing. Maybe i'm looking in the wrong places though?

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AnchorDownDeepBreath Tue 15-Mar-16 20:28:32

Opies If I'm being really honest, I don't think the internet is really the place for that type of conversation. I think there's too much risk of it being a troll or a weirdo it turn disturbing or whatever, and so people tend to have that type of conversation with their friends in real life.

I think online only tends to come into it if it's something really out there, or people want an audience or a hook up.

Stumbly and Venus If they didn't show in active, nobody would see them. 99% of MN traffic is from active. People just need to be intelligent about titles and look at what topics things are in if they are easily offended.

Very few genuine people will search out the sex board so conversation will be hugely stifled if it doesn't appear in active. I'm not too bothered about trending.

LogicalThinking Tue 15-Mar-16 20:30:56

I wish the pearl clutchers would just hide the Sex Topic from their Active threads.

TiggyD Tue 15-Mar-16 20:37:49

Depends what you call kinky. Doing sexing with the lights on would be kinky for some.

VenusInFauxFurs Tue 15-Mar-16 21:33:42

I'm on FL. My description there is "spankee". It used to be "masochist" but then they added more descriptions. I am not really comfortable with the term "submissive" although I recognise that lots of what I get up to could be considered D/s. I am happy to chat about it.

Eekaman Tue 15-Mar-16 22:12:28

Hey Venus, I saw your other thread and wasn't in the least surprised by the pearl clutchers indignation, it's what they do. As you say, the thread topic and title rather gave the game away before they clicked on it.

Kink... we've tried BDSM, but I'm not in the least sub and Mrs Eek just isn't sub enough, although she does love a bit of spanking now and again. And her nipple clamps. And a dose of DP occasionally, although using a dildo, not a third party; that is her choice, not mine, I'd be up for a guest to join us but it's not on her list of things to do.

But we do both like the thrill of exhibitionism, we've played in some very risque places smile

Room101isWhereIUsedToLive Tue 15-Mar-16 23:17:04

Care to share? Me and my current person had a train carriage all to ourselves the other night. He's paranoid about the CCTV. I say they only look at that if complaints are made.

Serioussteve Thu 17-Mar-16 06:26:58

My DW and I have a D/s dynamic but applies solely in the bedroom. We use a wide variety of toys.

Sadly, Fet has gone downhill in recent years, it used to be a wonderful site for cultivating conversational relationships with no pressures to progress to sex and simply about enjoying the company of like-minded people online and off. As you portrayed, it's now a site catering to hookups really - perhaps a sign of the times, but we really seldom visit anymore. There's still some amazing threads but these are the exception rather than the norm.

OP, your fisting thread was entertaining to read. I wonder what people expected to find in there. It would likely be the same with a thread entitled "Squirting" et al!

Serioussteve Thu 17-Mar-16 06:28:43

Oh sorry op, of course you didn't make the fisting thread. I'm tired and not slept yet...

SolidGoldBrass Sat 19-Mar-16 00:54:53

Veteran pervert here. 25+ years on and around the fetish scene. Thought I had seen it all but have recently discovered something new that I am getting a fascinated by...

DioneTheDiabolist Sat 19-Mar-16 01:01:12

Something new?shock

GhettoFabulous Sat 19-Mar-16 09:06:21

I'm an ageplayer and have a maths fetish.

Room101isWhereIUsedToLive Sat 19-Mar-16 09:57:28

Ghetto that's a brave thing to admit to on mumsnet.
How does the math fetish work?

GhettoFabulous Sat 19-Mar-16 11:52:24

I can orgasm from reading equations. Not a maths troll, honestly.

Room101isWhereIUsedToLive Sat 19-Mar-16 14:35:13

That's quite amazing. The mind is a powerful thing.

GhettoFabulous Sat 19-Mar-16 18:56:25

I'm also poly, and domme.

chelle792 Sat 19-Mar-16 19:00:18

I would suggest a little fet group but my child filters have blocked the site!! hence why I now frequent mn as I needed a new addiction

I met my dh on fet grin

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