Anyone else not really like sex?

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LikeIcan Thu 11-Jun-15 22:24:19

I honestly couldn't care less if I never had it again. Only do it to keep dh happy.

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Discworld101 Thu 11-Jun-15 22:27:27


MrsBennetsEldest Thu 11-Jun-15 22:31:03

I think you are with the wrong manhmm

HorraceTheOtter Thu 11-Jun-15 22:32:00

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

DirectorFury Thu 11-Jun-15 22:32:42

Same here. I find it stressful, always have, even with different partners.

LikeIcan Thu 11-Jun-15 22:35:40

I love him & we get on great - I just find sex such a boring chore I really do. I've felt like this for years.

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mamaduckbone Thu 11-Jun-15 22:40:18

I do enjoy it when we do it but must admit that mostly I can't be arsed.


Impala77 Thu 11-Jun-15 22:41:02

Since having my dd my sex drive is zero.
I also have a bladder prolapse and bladder issues so I feel disfigured and just can't stand dh touching me.

NeedAScarfForMyGiraffe Fri 12-Jun-15 12:16:51

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

legolegolego Fri 12-Jun-15 12:57:24

I'm not much of a fan either. Thought it was just me!

flimflamflarnfilth Fri 12-Jun-15 14:00:22

Yeah, for me it's like pretending to like drinking and clubbing in my younger days. Pretending to like sex so as not to seem odd.
My DH is great. When we have sex he knows his stuff and it always ends well blush but even the knowledge that it will be great isn't much of an incentive, iyswim?

MelodyPM Fri 12-Jun-15 20:48:29

The only occasions I've not particularly liked sex were a) If the man was a selfish lover and wasn't bothered about my orgasm or b) There was a lack of chemistry / attraction.

Both of these are compelling reasons not to pursue a relationship in my eyes, so if you're asking whether I'm not bothered about fulfilling sex with someone I fancy in a committed relationship then no ... I absolutely love sex and couldn't live without it.

Genuinely intrigued, might I ask what it is people dislike about it?

BearFeet Sat 13-Jun-15 10:00:32

My sex drive has just come back after having twins 4 years ago. After they were born we probably still did it once a week but it was very much going through the motions. Now I've started reading some erotic books and the stuff we do has become less vanilla and I'm loving it, actually initiating it which I haven't done for years.

Impala77 Sat 13-Jun-15 12:14:19

Don't get me wrong I used to love sex.
But I suffered damage from my dd birth so can't do the whole spontaneous thing and often we have to stop as I'm desperate to pee��
I've also gained weight as my pelvic floor damage means I can't do much exercise so I feel self conscious about my weight and my bits!!
Advice to young girls....have loads of (safe)sex whilst you're young and capable as one day it might all be gone!!!

Lagoonablue Thu 25-Jun-15 22:11:21

I am not interested either. I could easily live without it. Do it to keep DH happy. I know it sounds terrible but that is just the way I am.

Pipbin Thu 25-Jun-15 22:15:05

Genuinely intrigued, might I ask what it is people dislike about it?

It's not that I dislike it as such, it's just that I don't feel the need for it.
I think the many fruitless years of ttcing have killed it for us.

Smartiepants79 Thu 25-Jun-15 22:20:17

My libido has also disappeared since I had my children.
My DH is lovely and its good once it happens but I could happily do without it.
I keep thinking it will change again as the children become less needy.
I do it as it's important to my DH and it helps keep our relationship solid.
I've never been a very sexual person and am quite inhibited. It's just not that important to me.

Lagoonablue Fri 26-Jun-15 06:35:12

Yep low libido, no urge for it. Yes I am inhibited too. Which doesn't help.

ItsSoooFluffy Tue 07-Jul-15 15:27:19

I hate it... OH is great in bed so it's not that. I don't enjoy it and it makes anxious. I could very easily live without it.

Coffeethrowtrampbitch Tue 07-Jul-15 15:34:11

I've really struggled as I'm on steroids and they have killed my libido and made me put on five stone.

We still have sex, but not as often and almost always dh has to instigate it. Why he is bothering when I'm so fat I don't know, poor man.

I hope things will change when my medication reduces as I miss enjoying and wanting sex, but at the moment being ill is taking everything fun away!

ginorwine Sun 23-Apr-17 18:34:13

I have just seen this thread after starting a similar one . Some of the comments on here really resonate with me .
Especially feeling I should like it .
I see that some do it to keep dh happy / bonded - I get that - but how do you make yourself do something so personal that you don't like ? I've tried it but it has made me more adverse to it ..

Mrswinkler Sun 23-Apr-17 21:03:53

I felt the same. Avoided it at all costs. Made my DP very unhappy so we split. Now I'm dating and bloody loving sex. Also love my ex DP and we are very much involved in each other's lives (just not in that way). I'm so glad he called it a day.

Win win as far as I'm concerned. I now believe we aren't always meant to be with one person all our lives. In this day and age there's no need to be.

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