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Harrow or where for DS?

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TheBeautifulVisit Thu 27-Feb-14 18:17:30

He's 10. He's super-bright and sporty. And blond. I've noticed when I drop him off at school that he's blonder than all the other children and when he jumps, he jumps that bit higher, and more elegantly, than all the other boys. His prep school say he was made to be world king. Up to now I haven't been entirely convinced about that, but then I got to thinking, why would they say that if it wasn't true? We will have only paid them £150,000 by the time he leaves prep, plus another £300,000 for his two younger brothers. What would be their incentive to make shit up if it isn't true?

Little things like money and geography are minor details, I just want the right school for my future world king.

Please advise. Which is the correct school for him?

mulv2222 Thu 27-Feb-14 20:25:31

You are confused. You are describing my son, he is the blondest of them all. ...

I would home school if I were you.

ShredMeJillianIWantToBeNatalie Thu 27-Feb-14 22:08:42

Only world king?

Bow down, bitches. Mine will be king of the UNIVERSE!!

grovel Thu 27-Feb-14 22:43:18

Reverse the trend. Send blondie to a Russian school. He could join Pussy Riot in the fullness of time.

LaVolcan Thu 27-Feb-14 22:59:50

Russia a bit dodgy maybe? How about a UK school with a high intake of Chinese pupils?

Good work ethic could be caught from them, he will pick up Mandarin with no effort, but at the same time his blondness with absolutely wow them.

TheBeautifulVisit Fri 28-Feb-14 00:05:33

Pussy riot wasn't really what I had in mind for him... But doubtless a coup in Africa wasn't really what Margaret Thatcher had in mind for her little Marky-pops after Harrow.

I could try one of the local selective day schools but I'm not sure he'd be comfortable mixing with boys whose school fees are sub £16,000 per annum. And I think the boys at those type of schools would be uncomfortable with my son's blondness, ease, wit, good looks and perfect manners. I think it would make everyone uncomfortable and would likely end in a murder as boys shoot it out for the honour of being my son's unofficial courtiers, and doer of coursework. I couldn't have that on my conscience. <shudder>

peteneras Fri 28-Feb-14 06:13:58

All that and you're only aiming for Harrow?

Needmoresleep Fri 28-Feb-14 06:49:14

He could become Mayor of London. If so look at Eton.

Taz1212 Fri 28-Feb-14 07:08:00

I understand Westminster is the best school in the whole wide world .

TheBeautifulVisit Fri 28-Feb-14 08:33:27

I think students need to be brunette to really shine at Westminster.

dellon Fri 28-Feb-14 08:44:03

well from everything you've described about your boy ... there is only one school and it has to be Eton...those highly academic selective day schools you talked about don't really look at blondeness or aspirations to be king of the world as criteria...dammit

TheBeautifulVisit Fri 28-Feb-14 08:47:18

Just trying to set out my thoughts and recap:

Grade 7 wind

I should add that my son isn't perfect. He's not good at sharpening pencils so the school would need to have its own electric pencil sharpener.

Does this school exist? Is it Harrow?

LaVolcan Fri 28-Feb-14 08:50:47

Some completely off the wall suggestions here: Our future King went to Gordonstoun, or the Dutch King went to Atlantic College. But perhaps you could try the International School Of Berne, Kim Jong Un's alma mater? Maybe that's a bit too downmarket though, with fees of only £16,000 a year? Hmm, I can see it's a very tough decision.

LaVolcan Fri 28-Feb-14 08:54:34

Now grade 7 wind and only one instrument would be a bit of a worry for me. It should be doable to get him up to Grade 8 Wind, and Grade 5 for a second instrument by the time he's 11, surely?

Timetoask Fri 28-Feb-14 08:57:32

Just wanted to clarify: This is a windup, right?. (just checking cos sometimes get confused with the British sense of humour)

dellon Fri 28-Feb-14 08:59:38

Or he could join the children of European minor royalty and Russian oligarchs at Le Rosey, Switzerland where the fees are reassuringly more expensive than Eton's or anywhere else for that matter.

Taz1212 Fri 28-Feb-14 09:02:58

"I think students need to be brunette to really shine at Westminster."

Hmm, you may be right. I know exactly two people who went to Westminster and they were both brunettes.

dellon Fri 28-Feb-14 09:04:44

Le Rosey - alumni network is astounding: Former students include the last Shah of Iran, the Aga Khan, King Albert II of Belgium, Prince Rainier of Monaco, Dodi Al-Fayed, and the children of the royal families of Egypt, Greece, Yugoslavia, Italy and Britain, according to Forbes. The offspring of the American dynasties like the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, and du Ponts also attended.

With fees of only 133k $ a year, it's a small price to pay for your son which the "right sort" given his future regal aspirations.

northlondoncat Fri 28-Feb-14 09:06:59

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TheBeautifulVisit Fri 28-Feb-14 09:07:38

LaVolcan - those are interesting thoughts. But I somehow think he's set his sights on being a premier in a country that's a) not so small as Britain, b) not so low as the Netherlands and c) I don't think he's ready to shoot his uncle (see sensitive above) plus would he not be too blond to be really happy in North Korea?

dellon - is Le Rosey a good fit for a quirky boy offering grade 7 wind?

dellon Fri 28-Feb-14 09:08:35

to consort with the right sort, i should have said....anyway, he could marry very well there, which should be your overriding criterion for choosing a school.

OwlCapone Fri 28-Feb-14 09:09:43

Is this just bitching about another thread?

Toughasoldboots Fri 28-Feb-14 09:10:08

Yes, it is.

cakeisalwaystheanswer Fri 28-Feb-14 09:12:34

I'm with LaVolcan on the "only one instrument" concern. What has he been doing with his time - having highlights?

As regards schools once the word "quirky" is uttered it can only be Westminster or Winchester. I can only assume that you are new to mumsnet if you haven't yet worked this out yet. I would ask how you have been spending your time, but I suspect it was taking your son for highlights.

You sound like a very lax parent.

Mandy2003 Fri 28-Feb-14 09:12:35

A comprehensive school could be the best thing for him. After all a bright child will shine wherever they are, right grin

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