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RGS Guildford -Is it as good as they say.

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Fluffpuff Wed 15-Feb-12 11:42:27

Anyone out there have a son at RGS Guildford? Think my son will be offered a place but in a quandary about whether to send him to good local state school.

AliceInSandwichLand Wed 15-Feb-12 12:55:17

I only have daughters, but I know lots of people with sons there, and everything I've heard about it has been good.

michaelaB Wed 15-Feb-12 14:44:56

It is a fantastic school and you'd be mad not to take a place if offered.

AngelEyes46 Wed 15-Feb-12 15:59:32

Why are you unsure? is it the fees? the school does offer bursaries so you could look at that before you make a final decision. what does your ds like?

Fluffpuff Wed 15-Feb-12 18:31:38

No not the fees, just I suppose I feel maybe I should support the local school and it is very good. Also a lot of my son's class will be going to state school and I worry about him not having local friends.

happilyconfused Wed 15-Feb-12 18:46:42

DS loves it and wants to stay on for Sixth Form. Boys make friends quickly and they have lots of clubs that enable boys to mix. I wish that I had had same access to the opportunites as him

AngelEyes46 Wed 15-Feb-12 18:47:01

It's a nice position to be in and i wouldn't worry too much about him not having local friends - boys will be coming from all over. From previous threads, it sounds as if RGS is an excellent school and indi schools are always going to have better resources than a state school. i think if i had the choice, i would go for RGS.

Fluffpuff Thu 16-Feb-12 08:42:50

Thank you for all the comments, they have been very helpful.

AliceInSandwichLand Thu 16-Feb-12 09:48:27

And lots of boys who go there do live locally - there is a thriving Guildford based social life and considerable official interaction with the two in-town girls's schools, especially in the sixth form (this is how I know about it, partly!)

IvySquirrel Fri 17-Feb-12 14:33:51

RGS is fab, academcially & socially. My son is half way through year 7 and was the only boy to go from his state primary. Although RGS does have a wide catchment, and he has made friends who are quite far flung, he still sees local friends. Guildford is small enough for there to be lots of local interaction so not a problem. Only you know whether your son sould thrive there but from our experience you'd be mad not to take the place, as another poster has said!
Good luck with your decision.

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