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Gunnersbury boys catholic school, Brentford

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VanessaF Sat 03-Jul-10 20:09:22

Hello - I am considering sending my son to this school and would really like to know more about it. Any parents, teachers or pupils out there who could let me know what they think of the school, the teaching and the general standards. Thank you. Also whether you have got in and are from another borough, were there problems?

Lenkamew Sun 11-Jul-10 15:12:09

My son is starting in Sept and we are all THRILLED!! We are out of borough and got a place a few weeks ago from the waiting list. We feel really lucky, the school has outstanding status. Which borough are you in and which Deanery?
Are you looking for a place Sept 2011? I suggest you go to the open eve in Sept...

seeker Mon 12-Jul-10 09:04:24

Julian Clary is an Old Boy!

Lenkamew Tue 13-Jul-10 12:33:27

Are you not thinking of St Benedicts?!

seeker Wed 14-Jul-10 13:06:46

Oh, yes, so I am!

Taji Wed 14-Jul-10 20:56:07

I know someone whose son is at the end of Y7. She is really pleased with the education that he has received and from what she has told me, the staff seem very adept at getting the best out of him. They don't live in the Borough and there haven't been any problems.

VanessaF Wed 21-Jul-10 18:44:38

To Lenkamew - I live in Ealing so will be out of Borough, although I believe a lot of Ealing students go there. I am also considering St Benedicts but it is the cost -£12k per year is a bit harsh.

To Seeker - Did you like it there, how long ago were you there?

To Taji - Are your friends from Ealing.

sue52 Thu 22-Jul-10 10:45:41

Have you considered the Oratory? I know a few Ealing parents whose sons went there and spoke very well of it.

GrumpyOldHorsewoman Thu 22-Jul-10 11:11:06

I'm an old Oratorian (girls in 6th form) and it is a very fine school. Many of those I knew came from the Acton/Ealing way. I imagine it's much the same as it used to be (it's that type of school). V hot on discipline but provided a well-rounded and enthusiastic education. I consider it to have been the most influential I attended. Many of my friends have gone on to have varied and interesting careers/lives.

Taji Thu 22-Jul-10 19:15:31

Yes, the family I know live in the Borough of Ealing at the Acton end. I don't think that he had any problems at all in getting in.

Funnily enough, I bumped into his mum today who said that he'd finished today for the Summer. She was reflecting on the fact that this time last year he was very nervous at the prospect of going to secondary school (no one else from his school was going)but that he has had a great Year 7.

VanessaF Fri 23-Jul-10 21:37:18

I had never considered the Oratory because I though it was too far, but I will investigate.

sue52 Sun 25-Jul-10 22:46:49

Do have a look Vanessa. After all it was good enough for Tony Blair and (I think)Harriet Harmans boys.

seeker Mon 26-Jul-10 07:31:37

Sorry, Vanessa - I misled you - I didn't go to any of the schools mentioned here. I was just mis attributing Julian Clary to Gunnersbury! I went very briefly to a school called St Anne's, which no longer exists, and we used to "dance against" Benedict's and Gunnersbury in the hope that we would meet nice Catholic boys!

sue52 Mon 26-Jul-10 12:28:03

Seeker I went there too and well remember those dances at St Benedicts. I avoided ending up with a nice Catholic boy though!

seeker Mon 26-Jul-10 12:41:27

Oooh - I wonder if we know each other? Never know what to do in these circumstances!

sue52 Mon 26-Jul-10 12:49:24

I left in 1970 after 6th form, so I'm a very old old girl. My brother went to St Benedicts and loved it but there has been some negative publicity about it recently.

seeker Mon 26-Jul-10 13:12:34

Gosh - even older than me! I was there from 1974-76. Do you remember Sr Mary Stanislaus?

sue52 Mon 26-Jul-10 13:32:33

I Loved Sister Stanny. She was at least 100 when I started there. She taught Latin as well as being Headteacher. Altogether now; amo amas amat. Happy days.

seeker Mon 26-Jul-10 23:49:48

Well, she was at least 120 when I knew her....

Trying to remember the name of the ghastly woman who was head during my brief ill fated stay. The only redeeming feature for me was a Miss Nethercott.

Lenkamew Thu 29-Jul-10 13:07:33

What year is your boy in now Vanessa?

rosalee10 Wed 11-Aug-10 16:51:53

seeker, does the name Miss Salmonson ring a bell with you? She was the head at St Anne's when I was there, I didn't like her much -Miss Nethercott also taught me for English, small world, eh...??

VanessaF Fri 13-Aug-10 20:25:10

Hi Lenkamew - My son is in year 5 now, but I want to sort out what school he goes to before he gets into year 6.

Lenkamew Sat 14-Aug-10 14:39:03

Hi VanessaF! Yes you need to make plans now, get all the info you can. I would talk to the admissions sec and see where you stand on distance based on this years intake, they are really lovely at Gunnersbury and will be candid with you. I am thrilled my son is going to Gunnersbury, thought Oratory was a bit dry but each to his or her own!!

seeker Sun 15-Aug-10 07:53:29

OH god - Miss Salmondson was ghastly. Hello, rosalee - small world indeed!

I loved Miss Nethercott - she was the only teacher I ever had that I had any time for at all.

VanessaF Sat 21-Aug-10 09:38:57

thanks for the advice. I have just checked out their A-level results and they are quite good, but other schools are a bit better. This is so stressful....I will see what the GCSE results say.

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