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Finchley secondary schools

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belleymum Tue 29-Jun-10 09:42:39

Does anyone know, or have experience of Finchley secondary schools?
We don't seem to be in the catchment area for any. It seems we would have to move to get my DDs into any school after primary.

NL3 Tue 29-Jun-10 23:23:07

Which part of Finchley are you in and are you interested in/able to access faith schools?

belleymum Wed 30-Jun-10 07:14:44

Faith schools aren't an option for us.

We're in the Frith Manor catchment area so Woodside Park/West Finchley area i.e. secondary school no man's land.

proudnsad Wed 30-Jun-10 15:26:53

I live very near you!

There is bugger all near us, no 'default' secondary.

You'll have to do what we're doing next month - move! We're moving on top of a good secondary we love (in Muswell Hill actually), but Compton and Wren are great schools too in N12. We visited both and both have good results and ofsteds.

Or private or selective (Dame Alice Owen, Mill Hill County)

belleymum Wed 30-Jun-10 18:19:30

I've heard the catchment area for Wren is about 0.5 miles though??

I think we'll have to move eventually. We looked at Muswell Hill before moving here then realised the catchment area for the primaries in some cases was 0.2 miles!!!!!

proudnsad Wed 30-Jun-10 19:24:31

Yes catchment for MH schools is miniscule. Primaries in Finch are brilliant, you are obviously in catchment for FM and Moss Hall where mine go at the moment.
Yes you need to move v near Wren or Compton.
On the one hand it's a nightmare, on the other I guess we have to be grateful there are 2 v good comps in Finch and great primaries.
You know Wren is 'faithy' as well, yes?

belleymum Mon 05-Jul-10 13:30:21

We've a few years yet to make up our minds at least.
I'm glad that we do have a good primary for DD, tho it isn't the nearest oneconfused .
I don't think we'll bother to move over the high st to get to Wren of Compton but just look for a school and move right on the doorstep. I have a friend who did that in MH and bought her forever house last year.
No more stress about school places.

belleymum Mon 05-Jul-10 13:33:04

On the bottom of the learning curve here - What is a selective school? Is it religious or like a grammar school with entrance exams?

Boobaddum Mon 05-Jul-10 19:20:11

A selective school is one which kids have to sit an exam or music exam to get in. All those in Barnet have different criteria - some are purely all exam/music with no sibling policy, some are a mix of catchment/sibling/exam/music so it can be quite complicated!

Of course add into that, that a lot of schools will have the option to become an academy and therefore can set there own entrance criteria for futre admissions!

You will probably learn a lot about the local schools from playground talk, which isn't always 100% correct though, so be careful!

mummydd Wed 07-Jul-10 16:46:52

Just to say that even if they become academies they are still bound by the Admissions Code.

Boobaddum Wed 07-Jul-10 16:53:55

I stand corrected - have been told today that academys aren't allowed to select admissions on academic criteria so apologies for any scaremongering! blush

belleymum Thu 08-Jul-10 12:58:09

Maybe by the time that DD needs secondary ed everything will have changed again.
Am obviously hoping/assuming that DD would pass an entrance exam grin but failing that I shall buy a piano.

MrsFlittersnoop Thu 08-Jul-10 21:49:49

We lived in West Finchley until last year and DS went to Moss Hall primary. We were in the catchment area for Christ's College (all boys), but secondary schools are a real headache for parents of DDs.

3 year ago (before Wren opened) the Moss Hall girls mostly went on to Compton, Hendon, Copthall and Friern Barnet.

Friern Barnet is improving rapidly and I've heard some very good reports from friends who have sent their daughters there.

If you move further towards Mill Hill you'll have a clear shot at Copthall, or up towards Barnet and you'll have QE Girls.

Word of warning - the selective schools in Barnet are FIENDISHLY difficult to get into. About 25% of DS's year were being crammed for entrance exams by year 6, but only a tiny fraction of those poor kids actually got places at selective state schools.

Good luck! <missing London emoticon sad>

sue41 Fri 06-Aug-10 15:37:31

Hi Belleymum

We live in Woodside Park too. Just next to the station. Last two years children got into Wren, this year not. For my son it was Christ College, no other option unless you are Catholic - but he is v. happy and doing well there!

I got into Wren on appeal even though we are only 0.625 miles away. My daughter attended Frith Manor. About 14 of the girls there got into Copthall! (virtually her whole class, but as we were a little further away we fell into the 'black hole').

Good luck, check the Barnet Gov website, there annual 'Secondary School Transfer' booklet online will give you an idea of if you are in any catchment areas.


LBC Sat 07-Aug-10 15:21:03

Message deleted by Mumsnet.

jaded Sun 15-Aug-10 19:58:59

I am doing some research regarding private and selective schools in North London. Does anyone have any experience of these types of schools? I live in Finchley but we are thinking of moving and would like to be in an area with IDEALLY a good choice of a state school and within half an hour of a selective school and/or private school. In other words, we want to keep our options open. I have no idea whether my children would be suited to either a private or selective school (i.e. bright enough) but I want to give my children some options rather than being told by my LEA to go to the local school!

Also, if your child is at a private school, how hard is it to get into? Did you get tutors? Do they need to go to a prep school to have a good chance of getting into the private secondary schools? I get the impression that the grammar schools in Barnet are very tough to get into (top 5%) and I would only put my kids through this testing if they had a good chance of getting in and wanted a very academic environment. Private schools tend to be less selective though.

Any thoughts on state schools in Barnet? Are the 'outstanding' ones really outstanding in your view?

sue41 Tue 24-Aug-10 12:12:53

Hi Jaded

For selective schools you have Henrietta Barnet for girls (I always forget that one!), Mill Hill County and of course QE Boys, if Catholic St Michaels for Girls although the equilvant for boys is non-selective (both in finchley).

Wren and Compton are good but you would need to live around the North Finchley/Friern Barnet area - for private you have the Woodside International School and in Mill Hill you have Belmont and Mill Hill School.

Most of Barnets state schools are pretty good but you do need to live in the catchment area! For private and selective my understanding is that where you live is less important!

Good luck!! smile

jaded Sun 29-Aug-10 23:25:34

Thanks for this sue41. I am keen on the Compton school but would also like to be near selective schools in case one of my kids ends up being v bright. I don't want them to have a long journey to school (30 minutes max)so I need to be near a good state school and a selective school. Woodside Park appeals as it offers the IB. Dunno where we would get the cash tho!

Doldi Thu 16-Sep-10 21:24:51

Does anyone know what the furthest distance offered for a community place for Wren was this year? Impossible to get info from Barnet.

stressed4 Thu 16-Sep-10 22:59:35

for Wren I think 0.062

stressed4 Thu 16-Sep-10 23:00:46

Sorry I meant 0.602

verytellytubby Fri 17-Sep-10 21:39:55

Compton is very good. Lots of friends have sent their children there and they are very happy.

I have a couple more years to panic. I live in Muswell Hill but not in Fortismere catchment.

Doldi Mon 20-Sep-10 10:37:29

I am feeling that it is all rather pointless we are 0.656 from Wren and 0.823 from Compton I feel like we have no chance before we have even filled in our form! The advice I was given from Barnet was to go and look at Bishop Douglas.

norflondoner Mon 20-Sep-10 11:22:05

Doldi, quite often the published "distances" are based on those relating to offers made on allocation days. However, there is usually some movement on waiting lists for all desirable schools and families further out do get offers.
For example, at Fortismere the head told us that distance on allocation day was less than 500m but by June the furthest distance more than 600 metres.
We were told by another school that we would be unlikely to get an offer on allocation day (as we were around 150m outside their previous years distance) but that we were very likely to get an offer a few weeks later as other families choose alternative schools etc.

lol at the comment from the council about bishop dog ass (as my dc call it wink )

dipim Fri 24-Sep-10 11:24:57

Catchment areas cannot be the same year in year out. They vary with the school's intake of new pupils for any particular year.
When we visited Frith Manor when our daughter was 3, we were expressly told that the catchment area does not veer too far from Nether Street eastwards. When the time came, we put in the school as first choice. We were indeed overjoyed when we got the acceptance letter from the council saying we could choose any of the three!
Likewise, a doughter of a friend who lives in Woodside Park was offered a place at the Wren this year. They are a good mile away from the school. they didn't take it in any case as the girl got a placement at QE Girls on appeal.

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