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RGS, Guildford v Churchers College, Petersfield

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wrotham Mon 21-Jun-10 14:40:38

Does anyone have any knowledge/experience of RGS in Guildford and Churchers College in Petersfield.

How do they compare?
How difficult is it to get into RGS compared to Churcher's ?
What are the advantages/disadvantages of the two schools.

Any tips would be most appreciated. Thanks.

Churchers Tue 22-Jun-10 11:20:37

Hi There, I am Nicola Steed, the Admissions Registrar at Churcher's College. I would be very happy to chat to you about our admissions process and also would like to invite you to our Annual Open Day on the 3rd July from 10am until 2pm. Please do call me on 01730 236825 to discuss further. Registered 11+ candidates will sit the entrance assessment on Saturday 29th January 2011 for Sept 2011 entry. They will be given three papers; English, Maths and Verbal Reasoning (one hour on each), and be invited to meet the Headmaster for an 'informal chat' next term. We also request a reference from the current school. Practice papers are also available to registered candidates in English and Maths. I look forward to hearing from you. Kind regards. Nicola

willali Tue 22-Jun-10 14:20:26

Waaaaaaay easier to get into Churchers - it speaks to a different type of applicant. Everyone knows that RGS is for the creme de la creme. Churchers is also mixed which may make a difference for you. They are apples and pears ie not comparable IMVHO

twolittlemonkeys Tue 22-Jun-10 14:22:09

I know lots of people who went to RGS. Very high standards there and pupils and parents I know seem very happy with it.

iloveasylumseekers Tue 22-Jun-10 14:25:47

just watching this thread as RGS is a possibility for DS1.

luciemule Tue 22-Jun-10 14:31:37

My nephew has got into RGS and so will be starting in September. He's really excited.
It is supposed to be brill - his family really love it. Can't remember the others they applied to but that was their favourite.

willali Tue 22-Jun-10 18:36:05

THey are both good schools- the point is that the academic hurdle is a lot higher to get a place at RGS - possibly the highest in Surrey

wrotham Wed 23-Jun-10 09:27:30

how much higher though?

willali Wed 23-Jun-10 11:06:25

I beleive that RGS requires 80% plus for 11+ exams. DOn't know about Churchers but I would have thought 60-70% would be the norm. HOwever the way RGS marks is to go from the top down so they mark all the papers and take the top 40 or however many they take in any particular year so in fact the "pass mark" in any year may be 90% or higher if all the top [40] applicants got above that IYSWIM. Churchers is considered a more all round school whereas RGS is very much THE academic school for boys

pagwatch Wed 23-Jun-10 11:16:20

DS1 is at RGS
Bloody amazing school. He is very academic though ( was one of the best at maths and english at his prep) and is still only average in his class.He was offered a scholarship at another good independent but was not scholarship level at RGS.

TBH if he hadn't got straight in - if he had been a recall candidate -I don't think I would have let him go there. The boys are mostly just naturally very smart and a child who needed coaching or who was having to struggle to keep up would find it a bit demoralising

wrotham Wed 23-Jun-10 11:43:10


happilyconfused Wed 23-Jun-10 17:44:08

At entrance the top 30 go to the RGS scholarship exam, next 30 here nothing but are in and the final thirty have a recall for interview or retest in English or Maths. I agree with pag if you are a recall it may be demoralising - DS1 was also top in English and Maths at his primary but he is mainly average at the RGS. But it is a lovely school and he thoroughly enjoys it.

wrotham Wed 30-Jun-10 11:25:20

Does anyone have an opinion as to whether it is better to enter RGS in Guidlford at +11 rather than +13 ?

willali Wed 30-Jun-10 15:22:30

numbers will probably work more in your favour at 13+ in the sense that there will be less boys going for the places - at 11+ you will be among both State and Independent school applicants. The school should tell you how many applicants per place there are at each entry

annh Wed 30-Jun-10 17:52:14

i think you should ask the school that question. We looked at RGS a few years ago and they were very upfront about saying that people should apply at 11, rather than 13. I can't remember what the reasons were but it was something to do with allocating 75% of the places at 11 and only 25% at age 13, so the competition for 13+ was greater. I also remember something about people who got a place at 11 being able to postpone entering until 13 so making even fewer places available. DS didn't end up going there and it was some years ago so I would double-check that I'm not talking rubbish but the answer certainly wasn't a state secret!

LadyPeterWimsey Thu 01-Jul-10 13:33:32

Just to say it is a lovely lovely school - DS1 is there and we have been hugely impressed with the teachers and the boys.

It is very academic but the competitiveness seems to show itself positively rather than in a cut-throat way. Having said that DS1 seems to be at or near the top of his class so I don't know what it would be like to have a child who struggled a bit.

I also think it is more fun to join at 11 than 13, especially since you have to take the entrance exam at 11 anyway, even if you defer the place.

Dustylaw Tue 06-Jul-10 15:31:30

The new deputy head at Churchers is joining from Haileybury where he was head of the Lower School. V. nice man who was highly thought of by parents. So he is good news and I can't imagine he would be joining a school he didn't rate.

michaelaB Tue 03-Aug-10 20:41:52

Taught at the RGS for years - now a Head. Outstanding school; amongst the best in the UK; caters for the top 10% of the national ability range; great sport, music, art, drama; easiest at 13+ in my time.

Newbie1971 Sat 14-Aug-10 10:59:50

Sorry to hijack this thread, but we live overseas and are looking at returning to the UK when DS1 is 13 and DS2 is 9 (in 3 years time). We are looking at independent schools in the Guildford/Haslemere/Peterfield areas and although bright both are not highly academic, more sporty and particularly DS1 quite creative. So RGS for DS1 would definitely not be a fit. Could anyone help with advice please?

Newbie1971 Sat 14-Aug-10 11:02:00

Oops forgot to say that we prefer coed pls

mummytime Sun 15-Aug-10 04:15:02

There are limited Co-eds in this area. I can only think of Bedales and Frensham Heights that side of Guildford. Maybe start your own thread?

Yayamarne Sun 22-Aug-10 19:22:58

I think you have to consider horses for course, I know a couple of families with one son at RGS and one at Churchers out of choice. My son is at Churchers, he is very able academically but his great strength is drama for which we felt co-ed was best. He is encouraged in his drama but isn't allowed to slacken off academically. The brightest boys will probably do just as well at either school, so visit them and get a feel for which ethos and atmosphere you prefer.

MeganMog Sun 22-Aug-10 23:34:46

Probably worth taking a look at King Edwards School, Witley - it is co-ed.

wrotham Sat 28-Aug-10 10:31:37

Thanks yayamarne, useful advice on RGS & Churchers.

wrotham Sat 28-Aug-10 10:33:48

King Edwards can not be compared to Churchers and RGS.

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