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views on Box Hill School, Dorking?

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Fernie2 Thu 13-May-10 12:26:37

Moving to UK from abroad looking for IB school in area around Gatwick. 2 DD: Yr 8 and Yr 12. Anyone know anything about Box Hill, Dorking? Know they haven't been doing IB long.thanks

willali Thu 13-May-10 13:02:24

I looked at this school. It "specialises" if that is the word in children who have some kind of Issues be it educational or social. IT is not an academic powerhouse and rather looked down upon by local prep schools who only recommend it for the more difficult to place children. We were advised by prep school to "aim higher" for our very middle of the road DS. Not impressive in terms of buildings etc if that is important to you (some classes in Nissen hut type buildings)and results not great by local standards. However Head is considered to be impressive and is turning the school around if local gossip is to be beleived.

Hope that helps!

Fernie2 Sat 15-May-10 10:18:04

Thanks Willali. Seems that they are full anyway. Don't suppose you know of any other IB school in area? Checked IBO lists but can't find any more.

mummytime Sat 15-May-10 15:41:06

Try searching the good schools guide (gives basic information and in the advanced search you can specify IB schools). Basic search free, more advanced features have to be paid for.
I found Worth and Ardingley as an IB schools.

Box Hill is part of Round Square with schools like Gourdonstoun, they have a different philosophy to a lot of independents. A friends son went there (having been to a pushy Prep he hated) did quite well, then didn't do as well at a large State Sixth Form college.

Fernie2 Sat 15-May-10 22:46:24

Thanks mummytime but Worth is Catholic, although I was brought up as Catholic, kids are not.

willali Tue 18-May-10 12:28:39

Fernie you dont need to be a Catholic to go to a Catholic school (atheist DH was educated by monks!!)- it will just have a catholic "ethos" and chapel services etc will be Catholic. Worth has gone co-ed and I hear good stuff about it - we live too far away alas!

pigsinmud Tue 18-May-10 14:32:43

We've just looked at it for ds2. It's lovely. Head is fantastic. Buildings are a bit shabby in places, but that's irrelevant. Small year groups. Very friendly atmosphere.

Ds2 is very academic, but has huge anxiety issues. Ds1 is at local huge comp and is happy, but we're worried ds2 will not cope there, so are looking elsewhere.

As mummytime said it has a different philosophy to most independent schools. It's about developing the whole person, not just churning out someone with great exam results. We want a place to encourage our ds and give him the confidence he needs, not a pushy competitive school. It is big on service, sports and expeditions.

I think this is the first year they are totally IB.

nickijc Tue 18-May-10 22:29:22

Why not Ardingly? IB school, excellent reputation, very happy, caters for all abilities including highest fliers, and it's near Gatwick.

Fernie2 Wed 19-May-10 22:24:25

Just received the prospectus for Worth and it does sound very cosy. I know you don't need to be Catholic but not sure I'd be comfortable with it (very lapsed!). We are looking at Ardingly as well which has far more experience of IB. Also depends where we can get place for younger Yr 8 DD - Ardingly possibility but tough as she'd have to do common entrance next year and she's currently on international curriculum.

ma4life Fri 30-Sep-11 12:35:15

I would definitely recommend Box Hill. We too were told that it was not very academic and yet our academic son has thrived there both academically and emotionally. The pastoral support is great..he didn't have any issues or special needs... the students have confidence to go out into the community to fulfil the service element of the school and they gain huge benefits from being in a genuinely caring environment.

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