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Glyn Technology College Ewell..Tests?

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23balloons Wed 28-Apr-10 21:52:27

Anybody with any info about the type of tests boys need to sit to get a place at Glyn?

We live about 2 miles away and I am not convinced we could get in on distance but could commute there very easily due to good transport links. I think it would really suit ds. He is bright but I am not sure he would pass without help.

Just really wondering if boys are tutored to get in. I know they are not the same as the 11+ tests but not sure if you can get tutors who specialise in they type of tests they give.

Any advise would be greatly appreciated.


MintHumbug Thu 29-Apr-10 10:30:55

The boys here (we must live near you) aren't tutored especially for the Glyn test BUT a lot of boys who fail the 11+ would have Glyn as their second choice so in that sense they have been tutored (because most of them have attended 11+ tutoring prior to attempting the Sutton Grammar, Wallington tests etc).

The 11+ test is very hard to pass here as you probably know because boys from out of borough have the same priority as boys living in Ewell and Sutton so its perfectly possible for very bright boys not to get in to Sutton Grammaretc which in turn raises the standard of those applying to Glyn for the 30 - 40 academic places they hold.

The Glyn catchment area is very tight (I know its not an official catchment area but in past years boys living further than about 1.8km have not got a place except by passing the test).

When we asked about the test we were told it is general maths and literacy but they don't give out past papers. The parents we know with boys have Gln have also said the same - its a general test of maths and writing / comprehension but not as hard as the 11+ exams were.

MintHumbug Thu 29-Apr-10 10:39:29

23balloons - also meant to add, if you ring Glyn with your address they will tell you if you would have got a place last year (and the years before. They have all the distances on a computer system at the school). We did this and were quite shocked to find we wouldn't be in their catchment area despite being quite close but its good to know in advance.

We also know people who have moved into the KT17 and KT18 areas when their children were still in Year 4 or 5 just to get a guaranteed place there or Rosebery for girls.

23balloons Thu 29-Apr-10 17:38:56

Thanks for the info. That was my worry really. I don't think he would suit grammar but he is very sporty & loves maths & IT. It is English he struggles with but I think he would do well in a verbal reasoning test with a bit of help. He wouldn't stand a chance if he had to for e.g write a story.

We live in the borough of Epsom & Ewell but as I said according to the LEA website we are 2 miles from the school.

I am not sure what to do really as it seems our only chance of a place would be via the tests. We won't be moving as we only moved a few years ago so I will have to have a think about it.


MintHumbug Thu 29-Apr-10 23:05:08

23balloons - Glyn have a technical specialism so it could well be that they would favour someone who does better in Maths than English.
I don't know how the papers are marked - whether a child would need good marks in all areas or whether good marks in one part would compensate for lower marks in the other part?

My DS is the same but very strong in literacy and not so in maths and we don't know what to do with him either. Boys need to be very good in both areas to get in to Grammar School. He's not at the genius level needed for super selectives but at the same time he is a bright kid so we still want a good school that will help and challenge him.

And then there's the added thing with the tiny catchment areas that even if we moved close enough to get him in to Glyn, we'd probably not be close enough then for any girl's school for DD (I think there's only a few streets where the Glyn and Rosebery catchements overlap)

Its crazy isn't it - I just want a nice local school that gets half decent grades and that I know we'll get a place at for a boy and a girl. We're still mulling over how to do it to be honest.

23balloons Fri 30-Apr-10 11:31:13

Its definitely a tricky one. I have 2 boys so don't have to worry about girls
but moving really isn't an option as we have not long moved. I didn't actually know about Glyn before moving, found out about it afterwards.

A friend of mine who got her daughter into nonsuch had a friend whose son sat the Wallington exam a couple of years ago. He was apparently very gifted at English & scored highly but not so good a Maths. He was about 42nd on waiting list. She made an appeal on the basis of his English ability and was backed up by her primary etc. She got moved to 1st on waiting list and her son got in.

I will give Glynn a call.

EmsDad Tue 03-May-11 21:19:21

Hi there, I hear that Glyn has stopped the exam criteria to give the places to local boys from 2012

Also, any ideas what roads overlap the catchment for Rosebery and Glyn


PatriciaHolm Tue 03-May-11 22:04:54

It has indeed dispensed with the test, and has also just become an Academy.

This year, Glyn admitted boys up to 2.47km (1.5 miles) away and Rosebury 3.41 km (2.1 miles) away. If you get a map from Google and draw circles around the respective schools at those distances, you'll get an idea of where they overlap, though obviously this will change slightly year to year.

For example, it usually includes all the Chase estate (the roads around Stamford Green Primary), much of the Manor Park area, the centre of town, then some over to the east of the centre.

EmsDad Fri 24-Jun-11 12:18:50

Thanks for that - we are looking at a long term move to Epsom and don't want the trouble (and expense) of moving again for secondary schools

We have a girl - and currently don't know the sex of the one to come (think we may wait before we actually look at houses...!) - we like the area around the Stamford Green Primary - but who knows what the catchments / criteria will be for secondary schools and even what new schools will spring up over the next 10 years

PatriciaHolm Fri 24-Jun-11 23:56:03

The area around SGP is indeed very nice and currently in both catchments.

But yes who knows about schools, especially with the large new development just starting which will increase pressure on all of them, primary and secondary.

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