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a 11+ tutor for private school in London

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fruitymango Sun 11-Apr-10 00:56:46

I've been looking around for a 11+ tutor but I couldn't decide which one to choose. Some tutors charge 25-40 pounds per hour. Is this a normal rate? I've found it quite expensive. Does anyone know any private tutor you can recommend? Great performance and cost effective? My girl is in state school at the moment. Her maths and English is ok but she still needs extra help. The 11+ exam for private school will be in Janaury next year. I hope it's not too early to prepare her from now?

daysoftheweek Sun 11-Apr-10 01:01:12

Rate seems normal to me
Most people round here start in year 4 (yes I know shock)

Do you mean she needs extra help to keep up with her classmates or you think she needs extra help to pass the exam?

fruitymango Sun 11-Apr-10 01:15:23

She's doing ok at her school but I think extra help should be good especially for the exam next year. Do you have any tutor to recommend please?

daysoftheweek Sun 11-Apr-10 01:30:38

Sorry no mines still a bit young.
I gather those that have good tutors guard the contact details fiercly (and I'm not kidding).

There is good advice on here might be worth posting in primary schools, education and on the mumsnet local threads too.

You can buy practice papers and the schools will (I think) give out a practice paper if you ask them.

Really worth practising timed questions and nonverbal reasoning for most state educated kids I think

good luck

Needmoresleep Sun 11-Apr-10 09:25:10

Make sure the tutor knows the school(s) you are interested in. You want your child to go into the exam as prepared as possible, eg will go in, work to time and not be fazed if they don't finish, or if some questions are unexpectedly hard. A good tutor will have a stack of previous papers, know which questions come up and which ones can be tricky.

General VR and non-VR can be bought and used. The Galore Park English book has lots of good essay and comprehension practice, so it can be done on your own. However previous papers are hard to get (you might spot parents with older kids handing of piles of photocopied papers on the school run to another parent, a highly valued gift) and a good tutor will have them all.

An experienced local tutor should know local schools well enough to tell you whether you are aiming "too high" or "too low", and perhaps even suggest some fall back options.

The price seems about right.

fruitymango Sun 11-Apr-10 09:45:36

thanks very much. I will contact tutor asap before it's too late! thanks again

calvi Sun 11-Apr-10 13:16:21

Look on you will find lots of discussion about the eleven plus, tutors and also the schools you might be interested in. Around my area back in the day you had to be on the waiting list from around year 3 (the tutor was very popular) and they started tuition in year 5.

coockie Mon 29-Aug-11 22:08:51

Message deleted by Mumsnet.

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