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Southwell Minster School, Notts

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PippiPip Thu 25-Mar-10 18:26:35

We are thinking about the school for our DD to begin in 2011, but are somewhat out of catchment, so don't really know anyone whose child already attends.

I was wondering whether anyone had any experience of the school or any thoughts about whether it was worth applying out of catchment for?


gingertoo Thu 25-Mar-10 20:23:05

It's top of the county for GCSE results at the moment and always has far more applicants that there are places. Two years ago there were some children in catchment that did not get a place.

The only children I know of who are out-of-catchment who have got a place are children who have been given 'foundation places' These are places given on grounds of faith as it is a Church of England school. They allocate 70 foundation places each year on of faith grounds before the catchment places.

So, in answer to your question, from my own experience, I would say that the only way to get an out-of-catchment place at The Minster is to be a regular long term worshipper in a Church of England church (they obtain evidence of this from your Minister)...

Lovely school though - don't blame you for looking at it! How far out of catchment are you?

PippiPip Thu 25-Mar-10 21:58:06

Not very far from outside catchment - we are about six miles from the actual school, but I know that that is quite far in this case as a lot of children come from Southwell itself. The main feeder junior school is very large, isn't it?

gingertoo Fri 26-Mar-10 09:36:01

Oh you're not that far out then!

You can put your name down to receive their propsectus and application form from May 1st. They will then send them out on 1st Sept (or soon after) to the people on their list and the catchment children.

There is info in the pack about an information evening that they hold in October which is well worth attending if you are thinking of applying. The head goes through the application process, numbers of applications in each catagory and how successful they have been in previous years so it gives people a real idea of whether it worth applying....

Is your catchment school not vey good? Depending on which end of the Southwell you are, I've also heard good things about Toot Hill in Bingham, West Bridgford School, Nottingham and Tuxford School...

Good luck - it's quite stressful trying to get them into the school think will be best for them..

PippiPip Fri 26-Mar-10 18:16:14

Are your DC at the Minster then, gingertoo?

tomgribbytheatrearts Wed 28-Sep-11 14:22:39

Message deleted by Mumsnet.

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