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Help!!!! need private but very good IB schools in Surrey Pls.

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Lovingme Fri 12-Mar-10 05:27:36

Dear Mums.

Please l am new to this site and really need all the help l can get.
We are moving to the UK this July (expats, never lived in the UK before) and l have 3 kids 16,13 and 9. l will love for them to be in the same school but it has to be the international Baccalaureate since that's what the are doing presently in Dubai. They are presently in grades 11, 8 and 4. Please could you help me out with names of very good private schools because that will determine where we will live in Surrey. Sorry for my long mail but really confused and desperate. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks

MmeBlueberry Fri 12-Mar-10 06:09:17

There are two ACS schools in Surrey, both of which do the IB from Primary Years, through Middle Years to the Diploma.

One is in Cobham, and the other Egham.

I have worked in one of them, and they are good school.

MrsGuyOfGisbourne Fri 12-Mar-10 08:27:55

Richmond College does IB, not private, state college and a friend's daughter is doing extremely well there and loves the course. Our DC going to independent secondaries, but considering RC for IB if they're inclined that way instead of A levels.

LIZS Fri 12-Mar-10 08:40:19

this any good ? Relatively few UK schools adopt it before diploma though. Ardingly and Worth are on the Surrey/W Sussex border, Box Hill only secondary age and not strongly academic.

titchy Fri 12-Mar-10 09:13:57

Can't help with your question, but if you're choosing a school and an area to live based solely on your dcs doing the IB please check, double check and triple check this is definitely the sort of education you want for them.

The IB isn't suitable for all degree courses - e.g. Medicine, and COUL restrict them in the future. A Levels are a good alternative you know, and much easier to find a good private school that does these as standard.

Lovingme Fri 12-Mar-10 09:27:08

l tried the ACSchool which seems ok but the insist on making the kids repeat the same grade, because you have to be in a particular grade at a particular age, My son is presently writting his IGSCE exams, so to go back and rewrite it even when he has good result is a No No.

Lovingme Fri 12-Mar-10 09:33:35

l actually want a strong Academic school and with great sports too. l don't mind living abit far from the school but provided it is Surrey. l just checked the Worth and Ardingly schools but they are from 11-18years only. Thanks for all your response but please send some more.

janinlondon Fri 12-Mar-10 10:44:57

Titchy I met some IB students who had been accepted for medicine at an open day at a London IB school recently. Why would an IB prevent anyone from studying medicine? I don't understand?

Lovingme Fri 12-Mar-10 12:00:55

Any other school please.

jackstarbright Fri 12-Mar-10 12:29:13

Jan - Because they have to study English and a foreign language upto 18! Good communication skills and writing not being essential for doctors grin.

Seriously - if you talking KCS then I've heard the same thing - many go into medicine.

titchy Fri 12-Mar-10 12:29:54

I thought a lot of the med schools thought the IB was too broad and didn't offer enough depth of each subject.

Also don't quite understand the need for them to do IB, except maybe in the case of the 16 yo.

jackstarbright Fri 12-Mar-10 12:40:06

Loving me - if you want IB from grade 4 up you are really only looking at International Schools - the Surrey ones having all been mentioned (I think). Have you checked the IB website for names? You could then post on mn for direct experience of any you like the look of.

janinlondon Fri 12-Mar-10 13:12:19

JSB - v funny! I am employed full time rewriting the work of doctors so you may have something there! (Sorry Lovingme for taking it off topic)

Burroo Fri 12-Mar-10 13:24:03

Try the Good School Guide International; they list the good international / American / IB schools in the UK which from memory includes some in Surrey.

cranbury Fri 12-Mar-10 14:53:54

Ardlingly from 4 years old but in west sussex.

LIZS Fri 12-Mar-10 15:07:16

Ardingly has a nursery, pre-prep and prep school but don't think they'd do IB until later. Very few prep schools do PYP because they have to cater towards Common Entrance at 13+ and the two simply don't coincide. It really isn't far from the Surrey border though and is considered a good all rounder school with excellent facilities. Worth is just starting to go co-ed but is still predominantly boys atm. Local to them you also have Handcross Park Prep, Copthorne Prep, Fonthill Lodge, Cottesmore and a bit further south Hurstpierpoint College.

ultra Fri 12-Mar-10 17:47:59

What about Wellington College - it is just over the border into Berkshire - they don't start until 13 but I believe they might be offering the IB to the younger ones as well.

SofaQueen Fri 12-Mar-10 21:59:25

What about Kings College Wimbledon. Excellent private school, fantastic facilities, good sports.

rightfootfirst Fri 12-Mar-10 22:45:04

I'm going to be brutally honest and say that IME the IB is unfairly weighted at uni entry in this country. check out the UCAS and a few uni websites for grade comparisons between offers based on A level and IB points; in my experience the IB is unfairly rated.

Moreover, there is limited external support -and by that I mean revision guides and easy access to past papers. BE CERTAIN the schools you chose have a min of 5 yrs experience running the IB (I'd personaly go for longer), and the teachers are very familiar with the IB grading system.

rightfootfirst Fri 12-Mar-10 22:48:31

Lovingme Sat 13-Mar-10 06:46:43

Thanks ladies for all your help, l have started applying to the various schools mentioned but l think Ardingly seems to be very strong academically and would take my 3 kids and from the map it doesn't seem too far. Thanks again for all your kindness.

Cosette Mon 15-Mar-10 17:49:38

King Edward's School in Witley, Surrey also does IB - but is again from aged 11, although there are other local prep schools nearby that your 9 year old could attend.

impartialme Mon 03-May-10 13:11:30

Think you are absolutely right to choose Ardingly. If your three are anything like my three they'll have a fab time and do brilliantly as well at whatever they're good at and enjoy. It does A Levels and the IB so your children can choose. Personally am a huge fan of the IB. (Incidentally, my friend's son is in his first year at Oxford doing medicine having gained 42 points at IB.)

wrotham Sat 03-Jul-10 15:41:16

King Edwards in Witley takes at +11 AND +13.
Does IB. Not sure what it is like. Boarding and Day. New Head 2010.

Peri999 Mon 28-Mar-11 23:34:30

I have a son at King Edwards School in Witley and happy to help with any questions if you are interested.

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