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Globe Academy Southwark

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Mimiso Tue 02-Mar-10 20:52:28

Hi All,

My son has just been offered a place at this 'sink' school which was his sixth choic, despite there being nearer schools on his form that I put down. He didnt get into any of his other five closer and better schools. Does anyone know anything about this academy and would you send your child there. Each time I pass there it seems there are always rowdy and boisterous kids. I am now going to appeal and also consider private education which will be a tight squeeze for us financially. I am so angry

janeite Tue 02-Mar-10 20:54:40

Other than the fact that I hate the phrase 'sink' school,I think you should certainly appeal - and get him added to the waiting lists of the closer schools. I would guess that most schools have pupils that seem rowdy outside them, at 'kicking out' time anyway so don't judge it just by that!

Mimiso Tue 02-Mar-10 21:52:15

thanks janeite, you are right, I am probably guilty of 'knee-jerk' reacting in my OP. I am going to book an appointment with Principal as we havent yet visited the school and get a general feel of it. Its a new academy so no OFSTED to give a general idea about behaviour issues etc although there is a letter from some government official praising it for improved achievement last year............

janeite Wed 03-Mar-10 17:45:43

Have you found out any more? Nosy emoticon.

violetqueen Thu 04-Mar-10 08:45:49

Have you tried Pimlico Academy ?
Think they now give preference to kids living nearer - but worth a try ?
Not sure what it's like now ,might be more established than Globe ?

Dawntreader Mon 12-Apr-10 23:05:16

I wouldn't write it off without seeing it and meeting the principal. It only became an academy 18 months ago - run by the group that runs Evelyn Grace Academy in Brixton, Walworth Academy, King Solomon in Westminster and Burlington Danes in Hammersmith. Globe, Walworth and Burlington Danes were all taken over from the old schools and they've all pushed up exam results since. And they've made lots of commitments to deliver university entrance standard teaching, achievement and curriculum. It's early days yet but Globe seems tobe on the up - they're buidling a fancy new building too so it will be easier to get better teachers and maintain better control

george2000 Mon 20-Sep-10 15:10:43

Just found this thread and wanted to put out a few facts. This school used to be a sink school, but not now. It is one of the fastest improving schools in the borough.

Their new building is amazing and the behaviour of the kids is excellent. I went to one of the assemblies and I have never seen such well behaved kids.

You should really go look. I would recommend this school to anyone. Mark my words - next year they will have a waiting list and people will be queuing to get in.

They do have an OfSTED, and they were praised for making very good progress. I just feel sorry for them because the old school, Geoffrey Chaucer, was so bad. Trust mje, it is nothing like that anymore. It is totally different and my kids love it

ShakinScarecrow Sun 19-Dec-10 13:45:20

I work with some children who attend and find it very controlling. They are trying desperately hard to shake off the Geoffrey Chaucer reputation.
For example, nobody, including staff are allowed to talk in the corridors.
Also, all the children's fingerprints are taken for the school dinner payment system. So, instead of being given a card, they load up their accounts using fingerprint recognition. I was shocked to discover this!

magentadreamer Sun 19-Dec-10 15:13:27

ShakinScarecrow, you'll find that alot of high schools use a thumb print for buying lunch and food at breakfast. My DD's school and all the High schools in our LA do. I have no problem with that infact it probably saves all the "Miss I've lost my card" From what I remember the actual print isn't stored it's jumbled up or something.

Talkinpeace Sun 19-Dec-10 21:57:36

putting money "on the finger" is an excellent system - reduces chances of bullying, theft and negative pressure

thehat Sun 19-Dec-10 23:58:24

I've heard about the no talking in corridors too. How odd! What about social chit chat and passing the time of day?

GOLDIEBROWNN Tue 07-Jul-15 10:51:14

Hi, Ive just come across your question today; and I wonder...How did things go for you and your son? Would be great to know how it all went and what hes doing now! xx

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