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Sevenoaks School

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zara77 Tue 23-Feb-10 22:19:56

Hello Everyone
This is my first post,sorry if not in correct area. I was wondering if anyone had any personal experience of Sevenoaks School. It is a Public school and my child has been offered a place. Just really wanted to know what it is really like? So if you had children go there or attended yourself-would appreciate any information. We have had offers from other schools but have been told that they one of the best.
Thank you all inadvance

Buttercup38 Tue 06-Jul-10 08:21:18

Just saw your post. I hope you considered the offer with Sevenoaks School. Look at the following websites/articles (a cross-section of surveys), you'll see it rated high in all and seems to be among the best schools in Britain. We hope to be in the same position next year as you, having Sevenoaks as an option. We are impressed that it has the IB, the staff are enthusiastic and friendly; the facilities are extensive and modern and the children who conducted tours were confident and self-assured. ast&ID=3086&List= cms/13b6d152-1554-11de-b9a9-0000779fd2ac.pdf

OldSennokiansBro Tue 06-Jul-10 19:34:52

Hi - Like the namechange smile

Yes, I have namechanged as very very private on here, BUT a very good choice of school. My brother went there, and loved it. This is going back a few years, but he did extremely well, and he has remained in touch with loads of his peers.

Deffo a good choice.,

Now, i am off to return to my old name.

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