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West Sussex schools - Ardingly?

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MrsHK Tue 12-Jan-10 15:34:19

Hi Everyone,

We used to live in Sussex but moved up North over 8 years ago. We are considering moving back to the South as our DS (14 yrs) has never felt that he really fits in. Has anyone any thoughts on Ardingly college - for a not very sporty but very sociable boy who unfortunately always seems to be the one to be bulliedsad? Thanks

LIZS Tue 12-Jan-10 15:37:53

Ardingly is thought of as not hugely academic if that influences your choice. A good all rounder with sporty facilities for those that way inclined but a wide enough range for those who aren't so (ie sailing). Boarding orientated rather than day.

MrsHK Tue 12-Jan-10 15:51:56

Many thanks - he loves sailing!!

mumoverseas Thu 14-Jan-10 19:01:01

My impression of Ardingly is that it is very sporty which is one of the reasons I didn't choose it for DS1. It was one of the main 'feeder' schools for his old prep school and quite a few of his peers went there.

Have you considered Hurstpierpoint or Worth?

thisisyesterday Thu 14-Jan-10 19:09:30

my dad used to work at ardingly college and said he'd never send us there! lol

reigate grammar is supposed to be good

MrsHK Fri 15-Jan-10 20:53:13

Thanks everyone - I'll have a look at it just to get an idea. Will look at Worth too - I hadn't thought of that school

MABS Sat 16-Jan-10 19:36:34

good friends are at Ardingly,they are sporty but actually say the school isn't really. nice school but not particularly strong on anything. head is a bit odd to be honest. wasn't right for my kids.

impartialme Mon 03-May-10 13:00:13

Just seen this discussion. Don't know if you have made your choice. Ardingly has been great for our three children. Eldest highly academic - got twelve A stars at GCSE last summer and very musical. Middle one a drama, sport and arty type - sociable. Youngest an all-rounder. Effective anti bullying policies that work. Highly recommend Ardingly. The head is great - a Scot with real personality and drive. Apparently there are waiting lists.

San1211 Tue 20-Dec-11 11:26:50


I was considering Ardingly for my DS. One of the main reasons of it was the choice of IB in Ardingly and also because you don't have to move around as its till A level.
As your kids go to Ardingly I wanted to know your thoughts on IB in Ardingly ?

impartialme Wed 21-Dec-11 11:05:43

Hi San1211, in fact, my eldest thinks the IB Diploma is very, very well taught at Ardingly. I must say I find it irritating when I read non evidence-based posts that it's "not thought of as an academic school." Who, precisely has that thought!? Not me, not any current good schools guides; not my children or their friends. It's certainly not a hot house, true. But my children wouldn't thrive in a hot house. It is, though, an inclusive school where you can be who you want to be - and its music, sport and drama are fab! It's ranked very high in the IB league table, if that means anything.
I am sure that if you email the school they will put you in touch with current IB pupils there so you can get their perspectives. Hope that helps!

San1211 Thu 26-Jan-12 14:20:53


Thanks a ton.

JanetHar Sun 21-Apr-13 15:56:00

non-evidence based opinions?? Erm, I believe one there said her dad worked there, and said he'd never send her there, must be saying something, wouldn't you agree?

IndridCold Sun 21-Apr-13 19:27:04

There must be several MNers with children older than this thread confused.

impartialme Sun 21-Apr-13 21:38:40

I guess it depends how long ago that MNer's dad worked there and why he left ...

...Anyway, all I know is that my three have loved their time at Ardingly - and that's good enough for me. I can't recommend it more highly.

Yes - this is an ancient thread. But my views and experience are still current. smile

JanetHar Fri 03-May-13 20:21:20

Oh, sorry, I forgot you're so young, it's quite unbelievable :/...
and @impartialme thanks for the response, I appreciate itsmile

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