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Entrance Exams - am in purgatory with waiting!

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Mrshighandmighty Sat 09-Jan-10 20:08:30

Hi there - My eldest son (yr 6) has just sat this week the Hampton, St. Benedicts and KGS entrance exams, with Latymer Upper and Emanuel next week. Does anyone have any experience regarding how long you have to wait to find out after the exam whether your child is going to be offered an interview?

Also - what is an interview like? What should we do to prepare him in the event that he might get an interview?

I have four boys altogether, and I know it will be so much easier next time around - but right now, I'm in a purgatory of ignorance!

Help anyone?

creditcrunched Wed 24-Feb-10 12:31:16

So sorry Dinosaur.

Caoimhe Wed 24-Feb-10 15:55:51

So sorry , dinosaur - is there a Plan B?

dinosaur Wed 24-Feb-10 16:27:27

Not really, just waiting on the state secondary school letters next week now.

Caoimhe Wed 24-Feb-10 18:28:46

Fingers crossed you get good news next week, dinosaur.

dinosaur Wed 24-Feb-10 19:55:01

Thank you smile.

Mrshighandmighty Thu 25-Feb-10 17:07:48

Hi folks! Been off-line for two weeks - been torture!! What did we do before the internet ...?

DS got an offer from Emanuel (thank god!) and a place on the waiting list of St. Benedicts (he's in the first 15 of the list so with all those awfully polite letters winging their way to the schools turning their places down, I have great hopes!).

DadoMN - what other results have you received ... been thinking of you and your situation ....

claig Thu 25-Feb-10 17:53:15

congratulations, MrsHighandmighty!! Well done to your son smile

Caoimhe Thu 25-Feb-10 18:13:00

Congratulations to your ds, Mrshighand mighty!! smile

stillfeel18inside Thu 25-Feb-10 19:01:45

Hey congratulations Mrshighandmighty - that's great news! Emanuel is a lovely school - just too far for us to travel to, otherwise I thought it seemed perfect. And I'm sure you'll get a place at St B's too if you're so close to the top - there's always loads of movement.

Dinosaur - sorry you didn't get the news you were hoping for and I hope you do get good news next week - fingers crossed.

dinosaur Thu 25-Feb-10 23:29:46

That's very kind of you - thanks! I am trying to be philosophical about it.

stokeytiger Fri 26-Feb-10 10:25:36

Congratulations MrsHighandMighty, I'm really pleased for you both. And thanks for starting this thread. It's been my first time on mumsnet, and it's been really great to talk to others going through the same thing. Through this I've even met someone who has ds starting school with mine. Fantastic!

stillfeel18inside Fri 26-Feb-10 12:11:11

I'll second that! This thread was a real lifeline throughout that horrible waiting period when my ears were constantly craned for the postman - so nice to be able to "meet" people in the same boat. Good luck to everyone's DCs with their new schools in the Autumn!

Needmoresleep Fri 26-Feb-10 21:18:29

That is lovely news.

We know a number of children at Emanuel and it is a lovely school and one whose reputation and results are improving fast. And with good music and sport. Getting a place is not a foregone conclusion and your son should be pleased.

My guess would be that St Bens is close enough to Tiffin for there to be some real movement when the state school results come out setting off a general shuffling around of those on wait lists. A bit more waiting....though generally schools should be helpful if they know you want the place and if there is a good to fair chance of a place coming available.

My guess based on last year's experience is that there is further movement at the end of the Easter holidays when people may become liable for a terms fees in lieu of a terms notice. If you are still holding on for a St Bens place it may be worth ensuring that they can get hold of you easily, and also clarifying what commitments are made to Emanuel and when.

I have even heard of schools coming up with late art or sport exhibitions if they know you will have a financial penalty elsewhere. Certainly there may be an incentive if things drag on into the summer holidays. After all they will have penalised the person who accepted the place in the first instance.

Again great news.

And next year you will be in the much nicer position of knowing it is all over.

TheCheeseAlarm Sun 28-Feb-10 19:19:56

Oh Dinosaur I'm sorry about DS1 - I'll have my fingers and toes crossed for him on Tuesday.

dinosaur Mon 01-Mar-10 11:12:47

Thank you! I told him that at least he had done very well to get an interview. Felt a bit sad for him though sad.

chatham Mon 01-Mar-10 13:30:26

trying to decide between Hampton and Latymer Upper for ds. Any thoughts. would prefer co-ed which ticks latymer box but hampton has a nicer feel.

wennnnna10 Wed 08-Aug-12 20:44:16

hello everyone, I'm applying to westminster school for the 2013-2014 school year. i live overseas, and will only be able to do one year of GCSEs. I'm going to the open day in September, and would like to take Maths, Biology, Chemistry and Physics. I'd appreciate it if anyone who's come across the entrance exam papers in these subjects could share their experience with me, and tell me about the subject and general interviews.

many thanks

mimbleandlittlemy Thu 09-Aug-12 10:59:53

wennnnna10 - I think you'd be better off starting a new thread with a clear title, rather than going on the back of this very, very old one.

glenellyn Sat 17-Nov-12 20:49:26

We are an UK family currently living in the USA (3yrs here so far) with a possibility of returning to our home in Surbiton summer 2013. DS would start Yr 7 and DD yr5. From the research I can do here I am looking at Shrewsbury House for DS to give him a chance to catch up and prep for 13+ entry and Rowan for DD. After that KGS looks interesting but I also have friends with kids at Claremont who love it. So my first question is does anyone have experience of entry into Shrewsbury House in a non-conventional year? And any other feedback, advice would be welcome. Thx.

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